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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

memories, dreams and reflections 2012 ...

I started participating in a photo challenge called Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk of Ramblings & Photos at the beginning of the year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has prodded me during slumps and encouraged me to look outside the box for inspiration. Along the way I have also made several internet acquaintances who through their blogging have shared not only their photography but moments in their lives and as a result interjected a sense of camaraderie to this abstract, often impersonal thing called cyber social networking. To wrap up 2012 Ashley is hosting a "Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2012" post with the following prompts. Sit back, grab a drink, and get ready to share what 2012 held for me.

1. ME! - what are you most proud of accomplishing in 2012:  I started introducing exercise in the form of a gym membership back into my weekly routine in 2012 and for that I am proud - took long enough!!!!  Photographically, I finally reached out did some Senior photo shoots which gave me a much needed boost in confidence in both my abilities and style.

2. I Love You!:  Certain members of this household have absolutely, positively, unceremoniously FORBIDDEN their image to be posted.  Ike isn't one of them!

3. Still laughing. (moment you are still laughing about):

4. Winter Wonderland:  There was no snow to really speak of in 2012.  A little bit at the beginning of the year, a more substantial snow on Halloween, and of course the day our daughter was to travel home from college for Winter Break we got some of the icy stuff.   

5. Birthday:  these days we only celebrate the youngest kid's birthday - to make up for the lack of festivities,  we throw in extra chocolate ... this year in the form of Nutella!

6. Friends:  I love that my son has opened himself up to new friends while staying loyal to the dearest ones from his childhood.   Some people lack the ability to make new AND keep old.

7. I was inspired (who you were inspired by, or what you were inspired to do):  Angela from 2PeasInABucket showed us her technique to capturing the bubbly fruit shot, so I had to give it a go.

8. Spring Fever: Wild daisies --- that part of Spring that screams "Summer is coming, Summer is coming!".

9. Travel or Vacation:  no explanation necessary!

10. Summer Days:  Have I mentioned how much I detest heat?  Well, I do!  Now here is something that shocked even my brother: "I love to watch golf."  It took watching the pros at the Greenbrier Classic last summer to make this discovery, and now I'm hooked. How do those guys play 18 holes in weather that leaves me sweating like a faucet?

11. A Day In My Life (typical):  it was this or laundry.  ugh!

12. All Smiles (smiling faces or picture that makes you smile):

13. Autumn Harvest:

14. Family - or - Home: (of family or what represents family/home to you):

15. Celebrate! 

16. Lets Do It Again (something you'd like to do again):

17. I Miss You (someone or something):

18. Beautiful (someone or something):  some things and some people are beautiful from every angle, inside and out.

19. Dress Up:

20. Macro (favorite):

21. Holidays:

22. My Favorite (picture or memory):  I poured over my pictures again and again but could not pick a favorite.  I have a lot that I really like and even a number of them I really love.  But this picture is hands down my favorite.  I did not take it, my son did.  So sue me!

23. Don't ever change (something you love about yourself, someone, or of something):

24. Just Because ... So There! (anything want to share):

25. Hopes and Dreams (hope to come, or dream):


  1. Love how you set up this post! Happy new year, great shots!

  2. I love how each of your lovely photo has captions (in different fonts, too!). Wonderful images, Nicki. :)

    Your #7 is on my photography to-do list this year!

    Have a wonderful 2013!

  3. Nicki!!!!! Wowie this post rocks!!! So glad I get to sit and visit with you!!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Great choices...especially "I was inspired"! So perfect.

    Happy 2013!

  5. Beautiful, Nicki!!! Loved them all, your photography is gorgeous!

  6. Lovely set! So many that I love. I really love spring fever! So simple, but perfect!

  7. Nicki - the photos and memories they evoke are awesome - i can feel the love in many of them. Also, I'd be needing a gym membership if I had that cake in my house!

  8. Love your year in review! You accomplished a lot and created so many beautiful images in 2012! Can't wait to see more of your inspiring photos in the coming year!!

  9. Your work is wonderful Nicki, and Ike is gorgeous (even when he's photo bombing). Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, and I'm now following you (sounds a bit stalker-ish that!). Have a wonderful 2013 and here's to many more photographic frolics for us both... x

  10. Beautiful shots, Nikki! Laughing over the photobomb one, and really love your bubbly fruit!

  11. Wow, Nicki!!! What a great post. I enjoyed each and everyone of these shots... congratulations on reaching the goals you set for yourself :)

  12. beautiful shots! great collection.

  13. What an amazing collection of photos. I really enjoyed all of them. Wishing you and your family a happy 2013!

  14. Beautiful photos! LOVE the "photobomb" cat :-D