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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creative Side . . . (guest post part 2)

Creativity is the skeleton key to every art, and photography is no exception. While I do mostly fashion-photography styled shots (at least that is what I am trying to do), I still want to produce photographs that I would be proud to place in an art studio. When it comes to inspiration, I am not too different from the next photographer. Music artists like Lana Del Rey, painters like Max Gasparini and Philippe Pasqua, and other work from photographers like Christoffer Relander, Jacob Sutton, and Matt Wisniewski (to name a few), tend to inspire me whether it be a pose or over-all concept. Although none of my photographs will remotely measure up to those I just listed, I am still very proud of them, and aspire to grow further into this side of photography.

The first shot was heavily inspired by dance since the model is a ballet dancer.  I thought this photo was interesting and probably one of my favorites.  I chose not to edit it heavily at all because I felt the pose conveyed enough of a story and feeling that if I applied texture or anything else it would take away from its pure and natural strengths. The second, was a Matt Wisniewski/Christoffer Relander inspired shot. The model is my best friend who lives down the street, and we just wanted to play around with each others skills as a model and a photographer. The pose was again very simple, which I think is something that really attracted me to it.   As it turns out, I ended up spending almost 2 hours editing it, but later figured out an easier way to do the edit (and was very perturbed).  But it was a learning experience and there are different ways of doing just about everything.



The hands picture was almost a complete copy of someone else's photograph that I found on Pinterest. While we were at that particular photo shoot, everyone was showing their ideas and photos that they thought were interesting and we came across one like that.   Regrettably I do not know the name of the original artist as there was no name in the description, otherwise I would give full credit of the idea to them. The second was based off of movement photography by Tom Ziebinski. The majority of this was just playing around with camera settings. When I got home from that photoshoot (which other than this picture wasn't successful) I was pleasantly surprised to discovery this shot.



The last two from this very long post are the most creative edits I believe I have ever done, and strangely enough they were actually very simple. The first was inspired by both a song "Gods & Monsters" by Lana Del Rey (be sure to listen to it, but it has heavy language in it), which expresses her losing faith in God during a dark time in her life, and the various tattoos of Marilyn Monroe that show one side of her being a skeleton. My photograph, in my opinion, expresses the degenerating concept of beauty in society. The second was done by accident while I was trying to go for a vapour look instead of a paint splatter, and truthfully I don't really know what I am trying to express in it, only that I like it.

I believe that creative / artsy photography has no boundaries and just like paintings, can be interpreted by both the artist and the viewer.

I would like to thank everyone for their encouraging words to my post yesterday. I would also like to again thank my mother for giving me the opportunity to post on her blog, plus all the other great things she does.


  1. Ryan--So refreshing that you are willing to step outside the box and take chances and experiment. That is the way growth comes! Nice work!

  2. I love that you posted one that you don't have a set thing you were trying to express, but that you just like it. Liking it is good enough for me!

    Your photos show a maturity of interests and a unique eye. It is great that you know other artists who inspire you and you are comfortable acting on that inspiration. What a good way to purposely begin developing your own style. And working 2 hours on a photo only to discover there was a quicker way to do it sounds like the best kind of hands on learning available.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Some I like and some are a little out there for my taste, but I can so see ALL of them at an Art/Photography studio you have an amazing talent!!!

  4. Wow, these are so cool and different! My favorite is the second one...stunning!

  5. You have a fine talent, Ryan. Imagination along with inspiration shows through.

  6. Very cool and refreshing. Photography is such an awesome have passion...go for it.

  7. Some good editing skill going on here.
    I empathize with the spending two hours, only to find out it could have been done quicker, or better, some other way. I think that is a common disadvantage ( may be advantage too, in some ways ) of being self taught.

    I like the one with the skeleton showing through...I'm wondering where the skeleton teeth came from.

    It's obvious that this is a labor of love for you. It's so nice to see someone with a passion for what they are doing.

  8. Follow your passion Ryan, you have so much talent! Thank you so much for sharing your photography and words with us. Hope to see more :)

  9. Ryan, you are a true artist. These are all fabulous and so creative - I would be jumping for joy if I could replicate your movement shot.