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Sunday, January 27, 2013

finally ...

                      a Cardinal finally paid a visit to the feeder;
                      slowly sneaking up on it,
                      hopping down the fence top,
                      trying hard not to be too conspicuous.

perhaps trying hard to not attract the attention of Kiki-Murray,                   
the neighborhood hunter.                   

                or from intimidation
                from the kitty within.

 . . . 

all I care is that hopefully now the word is out.
"The Burgess Family has food."
just ignore the human with the camera - she is harmless,
unless, of course, you are a chicken,
then you might want to eat elsewhere.


  1. yeah!!! Hopefully he will bring more. Thanks, Nikki for you sweet, kind comments on my last post. I so appreciate your words.

  2. The other day when it was snowing we had 6 male cardinals and at least 4 females at our feeders. Every time I would try to sneak the camera out the back window they would fly! As soon as I the window they came right back! I love the bright red color of these birds!

  3. Yay! I love cardinals. Is your feeder close to the window? I am such a bad girl I sometimes take the screen out of my window so I can open it a little.... just enough for the camera lens to see outside... and hide behind the vertical blinds with my camera on a tripod and shoot out the window from inside the nice warm house.

  4. From that photo of the cardinal...I think it might have been worth the wait. Beautiful.

  5. Cardinals are so beautiful. Glad you had one visit. Great photos.

  6. Cardinals are so pretty in the snow.

    1. they're pretty anyhow...i meant the contrast between the snow and the red...

  7. Oh lucky you with the Cardinal shot. Those kitty are pretty fetching too. The inside one looks like our Piglet.

  8. What a beautiful bird! How wonderful that you were able to capture this! The cat isn't bad looking either!

  9. ooohhhh, def worth the wait!! great capture!!

  10. Great photos and commentary, Nicki! I love Cardinals (but I think the cat does, too).

  11. Love the cardinal. Why is it that cardinals and snow go together so well? Try putting a half orange out for him...he should like that.

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog for scavenger hunt.

    ps. i love your photo book. Well done.