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Thursday, January 3, 2013

schooled ...

apparently I do not "properly" eat my sushi according to my now 'declared' Japanese major daughter. 
for the record, I do not care. 
I like to take a little bit of the wasabi and put on the top of each roll and then drizzle with soy sauce.
I then consume it with chop sticks which is, in my humble opinion, a darn good start. 
it ain't pretty - but it gets eaten all the same. 
sushi (also referred to as "bait" by my husband) is my treat each week following grocery shopping. 
it is the highlight of stringent couponing and conscientious aisle by aisle consumerism. 
and, it is healthy!

yeah me!


  1. I think sushi is beautiful visually but I am not a fan of fish. So when I go I get the veggie rolls. They are pretty darn good, too. However it gets down the hatch is fine with me. Wonderful photo!

  2. I think your additions sound delicious! Lots of sushi out here.... Rick always called it "bait", too. What is it with men?

  3. Never had sushi before, but love your shot anyway. And I say if you find a way to eat it that works for you, you should stick with it. :)

  4. I often get a roll after I'm done shopping, too! And I eat it just like you except I dip into the soy sauce instead of drizzling. Yummy for us!!

  5. I'd rather look at it than eat it - but I love wasabi.

  6. I have to say... I'm with your hubby. I never got into sushi. It is pretty to look at tho. You just enjoy it!!!

  7. Oh sorry, I am with your husband on the "bait"....Never got into sushi, healthy or not. But good for you and enjoy it anyway you want!!

  8. I am with the crowd that would rather look at it than taste it :) But it makes a great photo op!

  9. What a fun treat after the chore of shopping. I don't like the raw stuff, but I sure like the cooked stuff.

  10. Totally healthy and oh so good!!

  11. Don't feel bad, I not only put a dab of wasabi and some soya sauce on mine, but I often drop a piece of the pickled ginger on top too which is, I have been told, "not the way to eat it at all". Oh well too bad I like it that way.