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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what the ...

got a new one of these 
(versus the beautiful shiny red barn feeder that carried a warning "causes cancer in the state of California"), 
filled it with food. 
and have waited in anticipation of birds. 

in 3 days, 
freezing weather 
(a/k/a frozen ground, branches and berries) 
- we have barely garnered the attention of a chubby brown and an arrogant blue. 
With as little interest as they have given the feeders, 
I could have gone with the California cancer barn,
we are, after all,  in WV and no such warning was given for this state.

. . . 

on a side note - yes, there are still lights on the tree in front.
red and white - which I decided to leave up and will turn on
Valentines' Day.


  1. Best regards from France Nicki...
    Enjoy your day !


  2. I was just telling my kids yesterday I want to go sit in the woods for some bird shots this spring:) I guess I need a feeder:)

  3. Loved you blog today...first thing I thought, after reading the first paragraph...only in California? Guess they should sell them in the sates where it doesn't cause cancer! :)
    I've never had a bird feeder in my yard because, with five cats at our place, I feared it would become a cat feeder, however, because I don't do a big garden clean up every fall, preferring to leave the tops of plants on to collect the snow and hopefully offer a bit more protection from the freezes and thaws, my yard seems to be full of seed heads, etc and some birds still come. I'm beginning to think I should just go ahead and get the feeder. They risk their lives to come here anyway, the least I can do is offer them a slightly better pay off for the risk!

  4. OH! I would love to have an arrogant blue in my yard. We have mountain jays, which are related but much more monotone and not pretty at all. I had to give up on the birdfeeders...the elk raided them, and they also draw the attention of the bears. As much as I like feeding the birds and watching them, I don't want the other "feeders" in my yard. Oh for a 6' fence!!!
    As for the cancer warning....hmmm, I wonder how many people in California actually eat out of those birdfeeders? I mean, I know a lot of them are into organic and natural, but that is taking it a little too far. HA!

  5. Love the "multi-tasking" Valentine decor idea :)

  6. I had some jewelry cleaner once that only caused cancer in the state of California. :-) I'm thinking that birds probably don't really live as long as we do, so shouldn't their risk of getting the cancer be less anyway? Still, always better to have non cancerous stuff in and around your home is my thinking.

  7. I guess I would go with the one that doesn't cause cancer in any state. The birds will appreciate it ultimately. Beautiful pic of that Jay. The red lights look nice with him. Hey, I haven't been able to convince Greg to take down our lights that have been up for three years and don't work. I told him not to buy them at Walmart.

  8. I think lights for V-Day is a good idea. I have been known to decorate my 4" frosted tree in Red and White for the occasion.

    The Blue Jay is my favorite picture.

  9. That bluejay capture is fabulous! We have had a few warmer days, and the birds sure are loving it! Well, so am I!! :)

  10. the blue jay is gorgeous....and I think maybe I would have opted for the red one, cancer or not...California always seems to come up with something different. My front light is still on, lighting up my front porch with the wreath still on the front door every night. Someday!!

  11. Coming from a nature nerd....fabulous shots!