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Monday, February 25, 2013

dear anonymous / macro Monday ...

I got slammed with anonymous spam this weekend which quite frankly sucked all the fun out of the Scavenger Hunt and Top Shot promenade I so enjoy on Sundays.  
To make it worse, now I am faced with the prospect of having to add back that nasty word verification thing, 
all because of Mr./Ms. Spam-A-Lot.

So dear anonymous, 
you taste like tacky canned crap and I do not like you one bit.
Take a hike!


macro lens (105 mm)
At least I did get a chance to take a few dance related photos on Saturday. 



  1. You and me both....any my collaborative blog got hit with them too. Not a pretty sight, I too may have to turn on that ugly verification just because of all that ugly spam. On a brighter note, your ballerina is stunning. Beautiful shot!!

  2. This is just a beautiful shot...and I get them too! Most go to my spam, I just delete them. I may just make it so that anonymous can't comment.

  3. Add me to the list who got slammed this weekend by Anonymous too. I just figure he wants to sit at the "kool kids" table.

  4. I have been getting slammed as well.. But someone told me if you go under your settings and then under post and comments click on Registered user that it will stop all crazy anonymous comments. It has worked so far for me. I only did it a couple of day ago.

    Your shot about is gorgeous.. So soft and pretty..


  5. Beautiful photo of the ballerina! I am so sorry about your spammer. I only allow registered users because I had spammers a few months ago. You have to feel sorry for these people who are full of nasty and want to spread it around. xx

    1. Karen, I'm going to take your lead and give that a try before I resort to the nasty word verification (I go nearly crossed-eyed trying to figure those suckers out!).

  6. You made J laugh with your words - I was more intrigued with the photo. Love the dancer stuff you've had up these past few days.

  7. I also got spam this whole past week!
    I don't think I will be putting word verification back on my blog unless it continues.

    On another note, gorgeous photo!

  8. I LOVE the way you can see the wear on the bottom of her tells the story of the effort that goes into floating across the stage.

  9. That's telling 'em! I think that blogger has been acting funny in general for the last few days. What's up??Beautiful photo, btw.