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Sunday, February 17, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

Welcome to the week of hugs and kisses and hearts and flowers and movies
and pulling together stuff at the last minute for the scavenger hunt, and hugs, and kisses, and. 

 ** candy ** 
we are currently a sweets-free house so this will have to do
(these are at least a year old, if not older - yum!)

** pink or red **
after weeks of nothing at the feeder, we now have a regular feeder palooza. Today there was at least 7 different types of birds (from crow to finch). "Best damn Valentine's Day gift ever" according to Ike.

** love **

I noticed after pouring a hand full of these in the bottle a slew of 'love me' ones fell on the same side. Ever notice that these candies are a bit bossy? No please, or would you, or could you. It's all Love Me, Hug Me, Kiss Me, me me me... 

** kisses ** 
This is as close to chocolate as it got at our house and even still there was no chocolate inside, just the scent of chocolates of by-gone years. 

 ** smile **


Ike is smiling as he watches the birds. 
 "why yes, I'll have one of those, and one of those, and..." 
At least I'm pretty sure that is what he is thinking. 
That or maybe, 
"one of these days I'll get this door open and birdie breakfast, birdie lunch, birdie snack, birdie ..."

. . .
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  1. Wow, those whiskers on Ike are quite are those gorgeous eyes!

  2. I love both the animal photos in the set! Very creative interpretation for both. :)

  3. Oh, this is a lovely set! My favorite is the finch! Just gorgeous!

  4. That's more chocolate than we had!
    I don't think my cats would know what to do with a bird if one was an inch away.

  5. As to how I get the #1 spot every week. Rather then having to stay up till midnight, the linky opens at 11 my time! And so much practice. I remember the first week when I got number 1 and I was jumping up and down squealing. Then I just got my own little routine going and it stuck.

    I really love the picture of Ike, love his whiskers.

  6. Your cat's whiskers are awesome! Love all the candy hearts!

  7. Love that cat shot....aren't they just the best friends? Candy free here too. I can't believe you kept those bossy candies for a year. They aren't very good the first time around, a year later they're propbably even worse. : )

  8. The kitty shot is my favorite.....My Simon looks like he is smiling too as he watches the birds at the feeder....

    I have been into three different bird stores lately and last week It suddenly dawned on me that all three of the stores have resident cats......kinda funny if you think about it....

  9. I love the bird! It is one I can't identify. Love the bits of red. Way to keep those Convo hearts around for posterity! :)

  10. Beautiful shot of the lovely red bird.
    Smile makes me smile and he looks a lot like our Piglet, who loves watching birds too.
    Your Kisses jar is so cute.

  11. Lovely set! The bird shot is awesome! I just bought some different feed recently and my birds don't seem to like it. My feeder looks untouched after several days. :( Love your kisses jar - even if it is empty. :)

  12. Such wonderful shots this week. You know I just love the kitty photo. It makes me smile.

  13. Ike is counting the birds (or hoping to have one as candy...). My favorite is the bird shot.

  14. Oh my!!! You rocked the hunt this week!! That bird is awesome. And your kitty is precious.

    1. Yes, these pictures are truly gorgeous, I love those delicious hearts, sweet dose of love.

  15. A wonderful series of pics Nicki and isn't that little bird just gorgeous.

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  16. a great set but ike steals the show for me!! i know what he's thinking and why he's smiling!! he is beautiful and he's rockin' chin hair. who can do that so well!?!?

  17. Hmmmm. I wonder if there is an expiration on sugar?

  18. LOVE that your cat smiles! So sweet!