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Friday, March 22, 2013

laundry day ...

[ A Rural Journal   Skies - Laundry Day texture ]

5 Random . . .
Letters to . . .
TGIF . . .

1) I love musicals.  I hate musicals.  
I can't decide which as I contemplate the purchase of Les Miserables versus The Hobbit.

2)  I get excited when I get that e-mail announcing "you've got texture" from either Nancy or Kim.

3)  Neighboring kitties poised for attack by the bird feeder is giving us a bad rap.  

b)  Dear Sinuses,  Cut me some slack.  
c) Dearest Mother Nature,  Pick a plan!

and in conclusion: 
I will tear myself away from my Pretty Little Liars marathon and hit the gym today.  
Fellow gym goers, you've been warned.  


  1. Great pic! I just signed up for Nancy's textures. I see lots of fun in my future.

  2. The texture work in this is beautiful! I too get excited when I recieve new textures :)

  3. Pretty bird, exquisite color and texture, excellent framing, delicious photo.

  4. I think we are all having a big problem this year with mother nature picking the "right" plan. Love that new texture from Nancy. Thank goodness no more sinus issues for me....I think mine were related to hormones and now the ripe old age has eliminated them.

  5. The photo and texture are stunning. I love how you ask Mother Nature to pick a plan--we need one around here, too!