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Sunday, March 31, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday | Easter

This week's pictures come to you very 11th hour
- no excuses except if anyone sees some aimless creativity floating around, please point it in my direction. 
 Mine has up and run oft! 

** water **


Flavored water is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
can I get an 'Amen'?
I suspect we have created a generation who would rather crawl across the desert than drink water straight from the facet and if I'm being honest, I am so much better at including it in my diet when it has a little flavor.

** empty ** 

we went shopping. 
Ike did not. 
didn't prevent him from checking every bag to see what we brought him back. 
yes Ike, we brought you some David Beckham briefs.
my gracious, talk about spoiled!

** fresh ** 

this year's Spring/Summer colors are very fresh. 
(loving me a little Kate Spade and Anne Klein - my new BFFs) 

 ** weathered ** 


While I could have gone with a self portrait on this one as I am feeling a bit weathered after a day of shopping (not as spry as I used to be) -
I will instead pull from my archives and revisit the weathered post office door.
(you'll thank me later for sparing you a visual of me at the end of an exhausting day)

 ** ordinary ** 

these may look like plain ordinary eggs, but they are in fact "cage free" eggs, 
and from vegetarian fed hens no less. 
When I saw that little tidbit on the corner of the package I immediately thought,
Oh, Thank God.  My worst fear is to get an egg from one of those caged up carnivore hens;
hens who when uncaged stalk and take down poor little piglets, calf, and other innocent farm animals.
Vegetarian Hens.
Vegans? hahahaaha
- no wait, are eggs still considered "dairy"?

What ever, 
I'll just stick with plain ordinary hens - some who even on occasion lay ordinary brown eggs.

 . . .

 Okay, that is it for me this week. 
Be sure to join others over at Ashley Sisk's blog

. . .

Happy Easter to all who celebrate.


  1. Lmao!! You, my friend should be paid for your bits!!! What a joy to come here today. And can I tell you... You should ALSO be paid for that delicious shoe shot-it looks magazine perfect.

  2. I love the weathered door shot. I am with you on the egg thing...a little over the top perhaps...

  3. Nice set. Especially drawn to your weathered shot. Happy Sunday!

  4. 11th hour is working for ya. No worries. Love that low POV on the weathered door-but I am looking for spring, not dried up leaves. I'll cast my eyes a touch higher. I don't do the flavored water-must be missing something. Does flavored seltzer count? Happy day Nikki.

  5. Super prompts! I like all of these.
    I have to say you did your bottled water much better than mine. Your photo makes water look delicious and I too like a little flavor.
    The shoe shot is awesome!

  6. fun, fun, fun...all amazing!! Many blessings to you, my friend on Easter!!

  7. Love your weathered shot. I had the same thought about being weathered myself - especially after too many years of sunning. Your egg commentary is eggs-cellent and way too funny.

  8. I love flavored water, it is kind of an addiction.
    Ike loves David Beckham? So do I, but then again, who doesn't?
    I love those shoes and would totally wear them, love yellow :)
    Weathered is totally cool, I love all of the cool old buildings.

    And then ordinary. Vegetarian chickens??? Wow. I have had chickens for years and have never heard of them. And maybe a bit (lot) over the top?

    Fabulous set this week. You made me laugh out loud :)

  9. I like flavoured water as long as the flavour doesn't include artificial sweetener. My favourite water of all time was the stuff we used to get out of the well, when I was a kid. It had some flavour (mineals maybe) but not the overtaste of chlorine that seems to be present in so much tap water and, even on the hottest summer days, it came out cool, from way down in the ground, and ready to drink.

  10. Love them ALL!...but the last two are especially gorgeous! I'm going to visit here often...for inspiration. Thanks!

  11. Love the picture of Ike checking out the bag.

    In this house I am the water drinker. My husband won't drink it because it has no taste.

  12. My favorites this week are Ike (as always) and the weathered door. I guess I am one of those old throw backs that actually likes iced tap water. Of course, we run it through a filter but still...

  13. I love weathered! So pretty! Laughing at your nosy kitty. I've got one of those, too!

  14. I love every single one of these shots!
    Really like the egg one. And yes, flavored water is awesome. :)

  15. Looks good Nicki! The eggs and water were my favs.

  16. These are gorgeous shots, Nicki. I can't even pick a favorite! Those shoes are pretty awesome, too. :)

  17. You are too funny; I am still laughing at the thought of Ike wearing David Beckman underwear, and your story of the cage free hens....I have often thought the same thing when I buy them...I do certainly agree with you on the Kate Spade....I love it when when she sends me a sale notice......
    The shots are awesome by the way.....

  18. HI Nicki, I love your shots! I agree with flavoured Water - with ice cubes especially! And the sweet Picture of Ike & your comment on Beckham made me chuckle :) The door of the post office would make a lovely post Card ... such a sweet, warm and lonely feeling in it!

  19. Your weathered shot is wonderful! I love it!

    I also really enjoyed your eggs and your creative take on fresh. Great set this week!

  20. Oh my goodness - I can only imagine how those brown, cage free, vegetarian fed hen eggs cost too! Seriously?
    I think you have plenty of creative mojo in this series.

  21. What a great set!! Weathered is my very most favorite & ordinary.....looks pretty extraordinary to me!!

  22. You are too funny! Love the shot of Ike with his new briefs in a bag, and the whole concept of weathered and your humor there.

  23. I'm loving all the Weathered photos this week - Happy Easter, Nicki!

  24. Your weathered and ordinary are my favorites. I prefer plain old water to flavored!

  25. Happy Easter to you too...vegan chickens? Who knew. They are probably gluten free too, like everything else is now labeled at the stores. I do love that lifewater!

  26. Weathered is a wonderful shot. Thanks