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Sunday, March 3, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

but by Tuesday


I had my pictures.
Oh these one word,
primary color,
simple prompts are just what my feeble mind needed.

(you might notice a theme going here)

** red ** 

Remember the day when strawberries were only in season during the summer?
yea, me neither.

** orange **

rocking this one with some texture from Nancy Claey over at A Rural Journal

knock knock...
who's there?
knock knock ...
who's there?
knock knock
who's there?
orange ya glad....
(couldn't resist)

** yellow ** 


The ole saying 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade' should perhaps be
'when life hands you prunes, make prune juice' cause honestly I find lemons to be quite cheerful. 
So are they saying, when life smiles on you, you can make it better with lemonade?

** green **


I can't remember the last time I had a grape with a seed.
Do they even make grapes with seeds anymore?

** blue ** 

These blueberries came from last summer because I refuse to pay $5.00 for a tiny package of berries. 
 Oh, and the ones I froze are now purple - so archives it is.
They did make the prettiest dang purple blueberry smoothie and while I could hypnotize you into seeing blue - it was purple.
I would also kinda feel bad about being responsible for upsetting the balance of the color wheel calling it other than what it was. 
which was tasty. 
But that had nothing to do with its color.

. . .

Join others over at Ashley Sisk's blog

* * *
Today would have been my mom's 80th birthday.
Gone too soon but forever in my thoughts and always in my heart.

Weekly Top Shot #72


  1. You covered this week's prompts well with your fruit photos! Wish I had thought of fruit. :)

  2. What a wonderful idea to use all fruit and each shot is beautifully done.
    LOVE, love, love the fruit in the coke glass!!!!

    I hope beautiful memories of your Mom will make you smile today and give you joy.

  3. Awesome RED shot! I love it that you have a central theme running across the prompts. :)

  4. Wow, you make me want to load my grocery car with nothing but beautiful fruit!! Gorgeous set of images! I love how you shot the last one, very creative!!

  5. Oh I love your choices this week...but darn, you made me hungry with all that food and may I say "healthy" food. Gosh, thinking about birthdays, my Dad would have been 99 this week, sure wish he was still around to wish him a Happy Birthday.

  6. Beautiful! I did my shots this week with the garden. I like how the prompt can be done in a theme.
    I love yours!

  7. I couldn't love this set more. I, too, was attracted to fruit and flowers and nature-grown things. Which was a nice break from the bagel-binge I've been on lately. Is it spring yet?

  8. Love how you worked this Nicki. You've got your 5 fruits covered for the day. I am sooooo happy that strawberries are around. I like very few fruits, but berries (and prunes) make the list.
    Beautifully composed images.

  9. I thought about fruit for this week's hunt. But opted for other things instead. I'm glad because I wouldn't have been able to do them justice like you did. Terrific shots! Sorry about your Mom. It always seems to be too soon.

  10. Very healthy colours and beautiful shots.

  11. Oh jeez, my mouth is definitely watering! YUM! With all these blogs I visit I am getting so many peeks into spring and summer! Thanks so much for sharing these delicious pictures :)

  12. Now aren't you a smart gal using fruit for your challenge and then to end with all those colors blended together......I sure would like a smoothie about now.....

  13. These are great photos, love that you used fruit, perfect for the colour prompts. I enjoyed searching for colour too.

  14. Love the texture on the orange shot. All the shots are lovely.

  15. Nicki, I love your use of texture for Orange!

  16. "berry" nice ...... LOL
    Great job on all of your shots, but I really love that Coke glass at the end.
    Happy birthday to your mom - mine has been gone for 7 years now & I still miss her terribly, especially on her birthday.

  17. Great job with your set this week! I nearly went with produce as well, I even went so far as to buy a kiwi fruit! In the end I ended up with macros, but I did use blueberries. My favorite shot is the lemon.

  18. Love the theme, love the colors. Very well done. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place.

  19. Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Weekly Top Shot #72!

  20. Love the colors! My fav is the strawberry.

  21. Food for each prompt color. Great show. Love the red shot. Thanks

  22. Beautiful fruits :D Loved each and every shot this week!!

  23. I really loved all your photos this week. So creative. I am sitting here smiling at my computer screen and my hubby asked what I was smiling at. Yep, It was your photos.. LOVE them..

  24. I love your rainbow of fruits!!! That is very creative and your photos are brilliant!

  25. WoW, really colorful, really beautiful! I kinda like the whole theme thing!

  26. ewwwwwww...these are fun fun fun...Sorry about your mom. I can only imagine.

  27. Once again you really aced the prompt shots. Oh, and as an aside; yes some grapes do come with seeds, I know because I have bought them by accident a few times and everyone refuses to eat them.

  28. Juicy fruit that really tempts both my eye and my taste buds! Love the theme of fruit!

  29. Fruitylicious post. I love Strawberries so Red is a winner in my book. Also those carrots were looking mighty good too. Well done.

  30. Gorgeous, fruity set! Loved all the vibrant colors!

  31. Your yellow photo is beautiful!