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Sunday, March 10, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

Welcome to another scavenger hunt.
Again, this week's collection of words were a bit elementary, maybe even a little preschool in their tone.
They were at the very least words I associate with my kids when they were young(er).
- tell me what do you think. 


It has been awhile since I had a 5 year old here at the house,
though on occasion a teenager (and every now and again, an adult) acts like they are 5.
We did, however, celebrate kitty Ike's 5th birthday this week.
I would show you pictures from his bash but it centered around the cat food dish
 and tuna doesn't photograph as well as you might think. 

 word of the day

your choice 



Wishful thinking.  
If you thought for a minute there was any sharing at the bird feeder, guess again. 
 "mine, mine, mine...."

It's back to the birds for this one as well because the only other wiggling going down around here is getting into jeans and I will personally hurt the person who photographs that.
So I present to you a Blue Jay wiggling his tail feathers on the fence post as he sifted from one direction to the other standing guard while his buddy chomped down on food. 


There are 2 boxes of Thin Mints in the freezer and there is no way I am going near them, nope, not even to photograph. So here you get some cookie cutters and from there you will have to imagine wonderfully decorated sugar cookies. 
Think harder. 
 Picture it now? 

Well, there you have what this old woman interpreted from this week's words; interpretations that on occasion required a little push of the envelope, but then that is what art is all about.

oh yea, remember to hop over to Ashley Sisk's blog 
for more finds on this week's scavenger hunt.


  1. I love the bowl of cookie cutters!

  2. Haha I love your 5! Maybe your words more then the actual picture but you get what I'm saying.
    I also really liked your cookie and wiggle. Good job this week :)

  3. I <3 graffiti! Wish I'd have thought to use it for Word of the Day. And those cookie cutters are perfect.

  4. Love the graffiti and the cookie cutters - super original!

  5. I laughed out loud at the "tuna doesn't photograph as well as you think" statement. And also the graphite shot? The first word my eye went to was the "f" word! :/

  6. I love your imaginary cookies, they are delicious!

  7. Your kitty birthday story made me laugh. Hilarious! I love the cookie cutters in the bowl. It's funny, although I have a son, I am apparently the only one that didn't pick up on the Sesame Street theme. Shame on me.

  8. Oh your "your choice" picture has a great symbolic to me - about respecting and seeing things from one another's perspectives ... and the power of the wild creativity! A wonderful shot!

  9. So cool that word of the day !!! And those birds are adorable. We don't have that kind of birds in Scandinavia.

  10. So cool that word of the day !!! And those birds are adorable. We don't have that kind of birds in Scandinavia.

  11. Your word wall made me LOL....great shots!

  12. Great shots! I love the blue jay ones, they are such pretty birds!

  13. What the heck is wrong with me? I labored over the No. 5 when I have one just like yours stashed away from Evan's last birthday. Could have taken that. I learn so much from you...unfortunately, too late. Happy birthday to Ike though. I'm sure he enjoyed his tuna. Terrific shots all around.

    1. your humor & photos crack me up! I love my visits to your blog. I know exactly how you feel about the word "wiggle" --- I think you must have been peeking in my window! I thought of cookie cutters too, but only photographed one. Yep, didn't get around to making the cookies (that "wiggle" word comes to mind).

  14. Well, there are a few words that I probably wouldn't pick for my word of the day...any day. Love the woodpeckeer, and yes the birds at my feeder are usually not in a sharing mood either. They don't seem to mind taking turns, but they don't care to share their space. Have a blessed Sunday.

  15. your "word of the day".....I love being given choices :). And I agree. The prompts have certainly taken a turn to the "elementary". Not diggin' it personally.

  16. LMAO...those thin mints will last years in the freezer...kinda makes you wonder! Your word of the day is nothing short of BRILLIANT.
    Love that bowl of cookie cutters. great set Nicki.

  17. Nicki your cookie cutter image really appeals to me!

  18. 5th birthdays are fun for everyone! :) LOVE that 2nd shot so much.

  19. I'm in love with all your photos. And I really love the texture on the number 5. Thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods. Have a wonderfully lovely week ahead.