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Sunday, March 24, 2013

SHS | post spring break

Spring Break, where did you go?
Better yet, were you even here?
With the perpetual fluctuation of cold/rain/snow it is questionable if 'Spring' even applied to the last 5 days.
Then again, it's not like we had any special plans,
and there is something to be said for aimlessly puttering around the house.
Unfortunately once the week is at an end you feel like nothing came of your precious break.
Except maybe that
Pretty Little Liars marathon,
getting the husband hooked on Monarch of the Glen series,
PJs until noon,
and no packed lunches.  
To that end, we have doing nothing down to a fine art.

What was accomplished was this week's words for the scavenger hunt:

~*~ Asian ~*~


 ~*~ wavy ~*~
 (perhaps curvy - took a few liberties with this one)


~*~ draw ~*~ 
 (every drawer seems to be filled with doodlings - many of which started with these)


~*~ soft ~*~ 


~*~ texture ~*~


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  1. Nicki

    Great job with this week’s Scavenger Hunt finds. Your photos are creative and fun. No favorite pick … I like them all!


  2. Beautiful photos! My favourite is your interpretation of "Draw".

  3. Beautiful, cheerful images! I love your well-used pencils and your idea for Asian. Asian and wavy were hard prompts for me this week!

  4. Outstanding post, they are all great, the texture shot is a great example of how textures can enhance a photo, I love the lush purple of your "soft" shot, and I'm a sucker for colored pencil photographs.

  5. Oh perfect, just perfect. So you have mastered the fine art of doing nothing...I accomplished that awhile ago and I keep perfecting it.

  6. Can't say which one I like best, they are all so beautifully done!

  7. Loving that textured shot - we've been stuck in all weekend with the snow. I'm getting cabin fever!

  8. Dear Nicki! What can I say? These are super stunning photos you've got! I love them all xx

    Have a lovely week ahead!


  9. Ah, that purple flower had me catching my breath again, thank you !x

  10. Beautiful hunt, this time I can't pick a favorite... love the all!

  11. Your pics are so pretty. You have a great eye. Love those last 3. Always a sucker for a colored pencil shot-something so cheerful about all those colors.

  12. Well done, Nicki - love your take on Wavy!

  13. Wowee, your hunt this absolutely stunning this week! But I think my favorite has to Oh I don't think I can pick a favorite. Love your new header also!!

  14. Beautiful photos, I like them all very, very, very beautiful.

  15. Fabulous images Nicki. Hope spring funds u soon!

  16. Wonderful set, as always! Love the texture on that last one! I really like your draw photo also!

  17. Oh, I love these! I really must participate one day. I keep saying that o_O . I love the last one especially.

  18. Outstanding set. Hard to pick a favorite but if I had to I'm going with Texture and Asian as my top picks but they were all very well done.

  19. Love that lamp and the colored pencils!

  20. Terrific! Love those colored pencils. I have a bunch but mine are nicely worn down like that.

  21. Nicki, I love your new header; it's such a beautiful and peaceful scene....

    Your captures for this week's challenge were right on and each one beautiful...I love all the color.....

  22. Enjoyed your picts. Couldn't pick a favorite between wavy and texture :)

  23. Oh, oh, oh I love this set!
    The lantern was a perfect choice and I love how you framed it!
    Your pencil shot is more indicative of how my pencils really look than what I posted. :)
    Your wavy water drenched shot is lovely, the daisy such a dazzling color, and the egg and texture is a picture perfect Easter card!
    All nicely captured!

  24. What beautiful photos. Your texture is gorgeous and the water drops in wavy are too.
    A week of doing nothing sounds like heaven to me. PJ's till noon would be a treat.

  25. Wow! You really nailed it this week. I LOVE your first three photos. Asian is lovely, and I think your wave shot is wonderful. Your draw shot is really great and makes me wonder why I didn't think of that! I also really enjoyed the texture on your nest of eggs.

  26. Ooooohhhhhh....what a collection this week! I love the clarity of those beautiful droplets on that tulip!

  27. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your photos. Once again I really can't even pick a favorite. They are all wonderful.

  28. What absolutely gorgeous photos!