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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the cat whisperer ...


when capturing that leisure, enraptured cat grandly displaying what all cats are famous for - direct eye contact and attentiveness (okay, perhaps that is wishful thinking, or maybe I'm thinking about dogs) - one must sometimes visit neighbors and spring the camera on unexpecting cats. 
This one didn't see it coming.

another technique to get 'THE' picture is to let the cat sit in a different chair, yell "look, MOUSE!",
then spring that camera on him. 
(can't you just see how happy he is to cooperate) 

just be careful, some country cats come fully equip
so as you are focused on getting eye contact,
it is imperative to remain fully aware of where their extremities are at all times. 

until next time . . .

Rurality Blog Hop #8


  1. Very creative photography of such adorable cats ~ fun captions ~ Enjoy ^_^

  2. You really captured my attention with this post...Having a cat myself and always trying to capture that one great shot can become a huge game.....YOu did a great job with your shots and getting him to cooperate...and yes I am familiar with the results of that last shot....I have learned that when the photograph session is is over......

  3. Oh this is just tooo creative! Both in word and photo :)

  4. Beautiful high quality photos, I like the texture of the details!

  5. I loooove these photos! My cats are some of my favorite subjects. Your cats are so adorable. I really like that 2nd picture - such a neat perspective.

    Visiting from the Rurality Blog Hop :)

  6. This made me smile - and they're really nice photos of the cats!

  7. Great captures of great friends!

  8. Love these. My cats are probably my most photographed subject. (much to their dismay)

  9. that first shot is terrific...great capture even the paws with the claws (that hurt).

  10. What a completely fun post. Beautiful kitty shots.

  11. beautiful shots......cats are difficult to click as unlike dogs, they are in no mood to please..and are rather indifferent :)

    wonderful shots and fun post :)

  12. Beautiful cat portraits! I've got to try these methods on my cats.

  13. I always enjoy your kitty photos - they are very beautiful, and I can tell they are just too much fun.
    Many times I pull up the camera and they want to run their face on the end of the lens. Not very conducive for portrait time!!

  14. I love the eyes of your cat in the first, just beautiful!