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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless / Speechless / Hardly ...

On Monday there was no school, a teacher continuing education day or what have you.  All I know is that for me and mine , no school equals leaps of joy, stardust glitter, and unicorns.  Picture Snoopy doing his Happy Dance.  Honestly,  I'm not even a student but the ring of that phone announcing a snow day, or the calendar popping up "no school - ISE, OSE, or ABD" (made that last one up) - makes me giddy with excitement.
And if 'no school' wasn't good enough, add sunny skies and reasonably warm temperatures - BINGO. 
Having a son who still humors me with pictures. PURE JOY!



Exploring and snapping pictures - seriously good stuff!
You really didn't expect me to be wordless or speechless about this did you?

as for the expression(s):
*  he is a teenager, smiles are taboo
*  it is all the rage
*  don't judge!

He really is having fun.


  1. yippee a fun day....and I get the "no smiles"...what a handsome young man. I love the graffiti walls, what a great background.

  2. Nice portraits....
    Kind regards from France,


  3. Great shots and what fun portraits these are! Very nice looking son you have!

  4. Great shots!! Glad you all had a nice day off!

  5. Estupendas imagenes...un beso desde Murcia...

  6. Are you kidding me? No fair! My almost 16 year old son won't even look in the direction of my camera. Sooooo jealous. These are great shots of your handsome son. No school here today but it is for snow and wind. :/ I am happy about the snow, thought. Hoping to sled for the first time this year!

  7. He's a very good kid to pose for you! :)

  8. So handsome - perfect model!!

  9. The first shot totally rocks...the perspective and lines...fabulous.

  10. I remember when my kids were in school. I felt the same way about the off days. You took great advantage of your time off. Terrific pics! Love the setting.

  11. Fun photoshoot! You are making me jealous talking abut warm sunny weather... ;)

  12. very very fun! How fun that you and Ryan were able to get out....but did he do any shots of you?

    1. No, it was mom's day behind the camera. Perhaps another day.

  13. Fun day-fun site to shoot-great looking kid to boot!

  14. Looks like a fun shoot, such a handsome young man! I always tell Elijah, "you don't have to smile, just look at me". Sometimes it works ;)

  15. My younger son is not the best for posed shots...if I catch him off guard he can be quite animated but, as soon as he is 'posing', he losses all energy and looks completely boring, so I think your sons poses are great, who needs smiles?.

    The second picture looks even more cool when you view it against the black background. IMO

  16. The expressions are perfect - helps remind me that what I've got at 13 is here to stay for awhile! He looks so handsome!

    I think I'll improve my mom skills by imitating you and getting more excited about the days off - I'll have all next week (spring break) to practice!