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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

catty ...


If you watch The Real Housewives of _______________  [fill in the blank]
there is one very common thread 

 and like a train wreck 
you can not look away 

and like most things you would prefer to ignore
your spouse points out 
"anytime you get more than 2 women together, this is what happens" 

and you vehemently deny it quietly agree 

and contemplate how it gives cats a bad name

until you witness 2 female cats living under one roof
one remains upstairs
the other down

and you are forced to concede the point.

damn it!

 Rurality Blog Hop #9


  1. I have never watched Real Housewives of __________________
    and I really don't plan on it, but this is awesome either way. We have 4 lady cats upstairs and 1 + 5 kittens in the basement and if the one from the basement doesn't come up there is no fighting. But when she does there is howling/screaming and it is no fun!

    Love that last picture, the eyes are magnificent!

  2. Hi Nicki, My experiences with cats is not big, but yours are very pretty! The first picture is so thoughtful, poetic ... The flower on the chair, and the blurred, dreamy cat looking out of the window - lovely light as well.

  3. Onc again gorgeous ca shots.
    In my 5 cat house, it is the male who causes most of the problems. He, and one of the females, seem to hate each other so, often at feeding time, if they pass too close to one another, we get hissing and snarling. The other females don't get aggressive with him but every now and then he just bops one of them in the face when they walk by, for no apparent reason.

  4. I enjoyed the commentary. :)
    Sweet kitty and I love the last shot!
    It always touches my heart when they look up at you like that.

  5. Wonderful "catty" capture Nicki ..... I love it!

  6. Love your photos! Especially the kitty :)

  7. I admit you made me smile! Very clever!

  8. I've never watched any of those real housewives of________. I steer clear of any kind of drama like that. But your kitties-are gorgeous.

  9. Never watched that show... but love your kitty shot!

  10. So true! We have two female cats, and really just one of them is catty, but it makes life hard on all of us! :)