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Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Floral ...

 Floral Love

Another week joining Mona's Floral Love.

 Rather than add texture or computerized backgrounds to my flowers,
I decided to resort to the old fashion trick of photographing it against different colored card stock.

Old school!

I had forgot how much fun this could be. This pretty much wraps up the orange tulips.


  1. Wonderful shots of the tulip!

  2. Despite being old school I've never tried it actually. And I really should! Thanks for the inspiration, wonderful captures and joining Floral Love Nicki!!! :)

  3. Lovely macro pictures.
    Have a nice sunny week:-)

  4. Wow! Beautiful, Nicki!
    I love the first one!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I have enjoyed your tulips! Our snow is almost gone here in Michigan. I saw just a tiny bit yesterday, still on the ground where it had been plowed into a pile, it should be gone now since we were in the 50's. So tulips are nice! Ours are coming up but I expect it will be May before they are blooming.

  6. It's interesting how the Tulip changes with the different backgrounds. Nice shots!

  7. I don't know if one can fall in love with a photo, but I am certainly in love with your first Tulip... so,so gorgeous!

  8. Both shots are nice but i prefer the contrasting blue background in this case (even if that does make me odd man out :) ).
    Tis is a great idea that I should try. Heaven knows I have enough card stock around here.

  9. The old becomes new again!

  10. Very pretty! There is a time and place for everything and this was a very good time for the card stock, the shots are fantastic. It is fun to see how the first background gives the photo a more romantic feel and the second a light and cheerful feel. Love them both.

  11. Awesome tulip shots, Nicki! Great job on the background contrast.
    Ranch Wife Robyn