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Thursday, April 11, 2013

get a room ! ...


their back!!!
and it is mating season. 

in the world 

. . .

don't get me wrong, I like frogs just as much as the next fella,
but when you get serenaded with 20 or so Marvin Gaye's "lets get it on"


as a pool owner, it is your duty to the neighborhood to clear the room (so to speak).
Renowned for my frog flinging skills...
the swoop of the net, the flick of the wrist,
I have cleared roof tops with flying frogs.
But alas I am getting older and my lift is waning, so fewer frogs are flying
and more frogs are serenading.


so between the incessant croaking and the heat
the windows are closed and the air conditioner is officially on.

pick your battles is my philosophy.



  1. i love the sound of these spring peepers, but then, they are best heard not in your own yard. Cute shot

  2. I love spring peepers, but then again, I don't have them right in my back yard either, lol!

  3. Oh my gosh... you turned your air conditioning on! This makes me both somewhat jealous and excited cause maybe I can convince myself that warm weather actually coming. But then again, believe it or not we don't even have air conditioning!

  4. Cool pics of these dudes! Funny, the spring peepers are making quite the racket up here these days too. I find them a welcome spring sound...but then, we don't live right next to the pond where they sing.

  5. We have a fish pond in our backyard and last year, we started hearing a shrill noise at night. My daughter thought it was a cricket in her room (dubbed "the Demon Cricket"). We finally realized it was a frog. It was so loud, even our neighbors mentioned it to us.
    Soon after, we had two frogs, both trilling and doing who knows what! Eventually they stopped making the noise.
    So I feel your pain. Maybe the cold front will shut them up a bit?

  6. Oh my gosh! I was out by our little coy pond yesterday evening watching the same show. :) I even took a photo of a 'couple'.
    There were more in the pond than I've ever seen and I kept telling them we didn't need any more!
    Wonderful shots!

  7. You are such a cute storyteller....I know it's not funny to you but I am still giggling from reading this post....I can just see you flinging the frogs over the roof and I start laughing again....

    Have you ever tried frog legs? Maybe you could have a big party and serve them..That would get rid of a few....I am sorry I just can't stop laughing.....You have made my day.....

  8. Nicki--I get this! I have a pond out back, and boy oh boy do those serenades go on and on. Can't believe something so small can make so much noise. I would love to put chems in the pond (a fakie) to kill off the tadpoles, but the grands want to watch the "froggies grow up". Terrific--just what I wanted; hordes of frogs in my yard!