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Sunday, April 7, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

 have you ever embark on a task
when suddenly you notice a recurring theme
a certain déjà vu ?

not necessarily your intention,
but whoomp!
there it is

** outside ** 

"ello!  can Ike come out to play?" 

** chatterbox **


 ". . .  true story." 

 ** comfort ** 

I sleep exactly like this
- hand under chin that is,
not curled up in the office chair.

 ** in the kitchen **

a votive candle holder that has sit atop the cabinet in my kitchen for years forever.
a token from my mother's college apartment,
the one she had when she returned to school while I tackled adolescence.

a token that could never make up for the time apart during those years.
but as I have matured and grown older
a constant reminder that not all things are as they seem;
how what might have been considered selfish
was in reality selfless, and quite possibly preserving as well as self validating.
that with no associate degree college closer than 2 hours from our home,
the decision to return to school as an older woman among young adults kids, 
leaving teens at home,
could not have been easy.

** trees ** 

"not to worry,  I'll get to the root of this for you ma'am"

. . .

you may have to scroll back over them to notice the theme.
it's ever so subtle.
[wink wink]

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. . .


  1. Hey you made it all the way to midnight!! Congratz! Love the cat theme :) Ike is too cute.

  2. I too like the cat I am a cat lover myself. One of these days I will have to use him in a Scavenger Hunt. My cat does the same...when we are outside he sits in the window and meows *loudly* until we come back in.

  3. The theme was perfect! It fits you. :)
    Love the cat shot through the blinds!

  4. Great cats serie....
    Best regards from Paris,


  5. I love all your cat interpretations, Nicki!

  6. Love the view of your kitty from outside - super creative! Love the candle holder!

  7. Love these kiddie shots! That is a special candleholder.

  8. I like the picture of the cat sleeping in comfort.

  9. Your theme is so fitting of you - I would expect no less.
    Lovely story of your mom & how you've come to understand the need she had to not better herself, but all of you.
    Have a great week!

  10. (smiling) I enjoyed your ever so subtle theme today! But I took special attention to your message about the votive candle. Although I'm not away at college...I Am away and hope my teen is as understanding as you. Thank you for sharing that Nicki.

  11. I knew I loved you for a reason...besides all the obvious ones, that are a cat lover, like me! I loved the story about your mom and how our perspectives about events in our lives change as our minds, souls, and experiences in life change. Sometime looking back is just what we need...a bit of separation and distance does wonders for vision [wink, wink}.

  12. Subtle indeed-a theme I enjoy. My fave is the comfort shot. Could practically be my Princess P. In fact it is my Princess P right now, tho the tip of her tail is covering her face. Happy day Nicki

  13. Very very clever having the same subject in all your photos.

  14. Comfort is so dead on. Great job. Thank you for stopping by Sanukipity Photography and leaving the kind words.

  15. Your cat post has me smiling. I love it...


  16. I love your take on this week's hunt!

  17. Wow you've captured the prompts purrfectly this week!
    Loved each and every one. So tell me what's up with the cats unusual looking eye in the one shot? Also that candle holder was very cool.

    1. Ida - Ike started getting spots on his eye a couple of years ago and upon exam by the vet, we discovered it is like freckles and doesn't effect his vision. It has never slowed him down, but I have to admit that I freaked out with concern it was cancer or something.

  18. Yes, pretty pictures! These cats are truly gorgeous ... Good job ...!

  19. Love your cat-themed hunt this week! I can't imagine being brave enough to do what your mother did. She must be something.

  20. Here kitty! kitty! Now what was your theme? I love your Outside shot and caption :) Great set of scavenger finds!

  21. Love the cat focus this week, Nicki. So sweet!

  22. this was perfect.....beautiful images!!

  23. Love the cat theme this week! Well done!