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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday memes and mixed reviews ...



[Anna Lenaben moon texture, birds from a brush] 

 So far the blog design change has gotten mixed reviews. My husband gave it a resounding thumbs down. "Go back to what you had, it was your trademark." The son much prefers the cleanness of the design, just not totally sold on what header I should use.  Me, well, while I'm not over the moon about it, I am getting closer to what I like and certainly a different look.  Personally, I would like to have a slideshow header so I can always include my signature trees/hill path as well as more current pictures. Unfortunately Photobucket (where I created my flower slideshow) has changed and for the life of me I can not figure out how to create a slideshow there. (any blogspot bloggers out there with clues or suggestions, I would be forever in your debt).

So what do you think?
 let me know 
- this is one of those pop quizzes where there are no wrong answers.

. . . 


  1. Wonderful photo Nicki! Love the texture and birds.

    I was trying to leave a comment earlier but I don't know what happened...

    I wanted to tell you that if you are not yet familiar with Distressed Bird Brushes, you should check them out!

    They are now all free - try adding them to cart - they won't be charged. These are my favorite bird brushes :)

  2. Great photo, i think headers are the most difficult things to get right on a blog I want to change mine as well but it's been my sort of trademark for the last year .... I would say go with what you think ...

  3. Well, you know I am the queen of changing headers, so I'll weigh in here. If you go to The Coffee Shop Blog and search on slider header, she's got a really good tutorial that's easy to follow if you want to install one.

    Secondly, there are two schools of thought on headers for photo-blogs. (1) Make the header as simple as possible and let your photos speak for themselves; (2) Try not to copy or follow what everyone else seems to be doing at the time -- be unique.

    (3) Do as I say, not as I do! Lol. Love your image today Nicki. xo

  4. Wonderful photo and I love your edit, Anna's textures rocks!

  5. Oh I forgot to give you a link to make a slideshow header in no time, easy peasy :) I've made one a few months ago.

  6. I love that picture! Love the white background! The new header is so perfect for spring, too!

  7. Pretty moon and your editing makes it even more pleasant ;)

  8. OK here we go...

    I personally think the width of your blog is to wide. Usually the widest I go is 1200, and I haven't even gone that wide in awhile. Since there are so many different people out there looking at your blog with different sized computer screens a smaller width is really important so everyone can see your blog without scrolling with the bottom scroll bar. For instance, my computer screen is very large and I can see my whole blog but I can only see 3/4 of your blog.

    I really really like the idea of the slideshow header! Sounds awesome.

    Overall, I really think you should go with what feels most like you.

  9. I like your new header, Nicki!
    Good texture choice for this photo.


  10. I'm over the moon over your image. :D :D love the tree and the moon.

  11. Personally, I like the clean look of the overall design. I don't think anyone has to stay with one look forever. I think it is good to mix it up, try to stay fresh.

  12. I wanted to add, before my iPad went wonky that I do like your header. The only change I would make is the image on the left. It is so much more vibrant than the rest of the images. So my eye lands there. I would put a more muted image there to match the others for balance. Just my two humble cents.

  13. A beautifully edited image!
    I don't ever change my header so I don't have good advice on that.
    I do like this one and the colors. I read Kim's comment and then looked again. She has a good point about a more muted image on the left.
    Then, I did like your tree and how you changed it season wise. :)
    I'm looking at your blog on an almost 12 by 20 monitor and I'm seeing it all as far as width.
    In the end it's what you like that counts and the rest of us will get used to it.

  14. Your edited photograph is beautiful..I love using that texture....

    I play around with my header all the time...Right now I am pretty happy with both of my blogs...
    I kept playing with mine until I felt they reflected me so no one can really tell you what to do, just go with your instincts and what makes you feel good when you look at it.....I have used pic monkey, picasa, and photoshop and sometimes I use a combination when I am trying to get a certain look.....I also really looked at lots of other blogs to see what I liked and didn't like and then went from there.....

    You'll get it just like you want it; just keep trying to make yourself happy instead of others....

  15. Love the photo. And certainly understand your frustration with the changing Photobucket. I spend half my life frustrated with stuff like that...okay, I exaggerate. I spend one quarter of my life frustrated...