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Saturday, April 13, 2013

you might be a creeper ...

Remember the other evening when I went out to snap a few pictures of toads?

("Pete, we thought you were a toad" -- name that movie)

well ... I was quickly distracted by the warm evening light

 and as I took to gathering some sun flare photos, a lady wandered into the line of camera fire.

not my fault!


As soon as my son saw the picture he immediately proclaimed me a creeper. 
which I most definitely am not
(well, at least not all the time). 
Admittedly I have dreams of wandering city streets randomly photographing people. 
Just plain, extraordinary, non-posed people. 
. . .
and then I am abruptly brought back to reality with the mental accusation


 cause I really do enjoy taking pictures,
especially when they include people. 

are you a creeper?


  1. Nicki, that is one ugly toad but a good shot...You have enlightened me today. I have never heard of a "creeper" but I guess I am...I really like "unposed" photographs of people...On spring break, my son in law started calling me the paparazzi so I must be a creeper.....Just another name to the many others I am called.....hahaha

  2. If anybody gets in one of my shots I didn't do it on purpose. Maybe sometime this summer I will go out in public and try to catch some silhouettes of some random people but I'm not quite at the stage of taking pictures of people.... So I would say yes I will be a creeper someday (I know I am about other things :P)!

  3. Great shot of the toad.

    It's pretty easy to get distracted, when you have a camera in your hand, and the light is good.

    Creeper? How can we help it, if people want to be in our photos??...haha

  4. I guess I've been know to be :o) Once I was taking photos of my son's lacrosse game and there happened to be THE.CUTEST little boy close by with his family watching the game also. This little boy 'accidently' turned up in a couple of my shots that day.

  5. Oh I am definitely a creeper...I love catching people "au naturale" especially children. Sometimes I ask, other times not!! Terrific shot of the toad!!

  6. I have aspirations of being one someday. As of now I am usually too much of a chicken.
    I'd never want to take surreptitious pictures of people who were in a private area, but, I figure if people are out in public, they are fair game still, I find it hard to just pull up my camera and click away. Which means if I do go for a photo, I come off even more creeper like since I appear to be trying to take it on the sly.

    A big camera with a big lens is a definite disadvantage too but I haven't managed the art of getting great shots with my crumby cell phone camera.

  7. Haha! I feel better, for some reason, shooting people in the city. ;) Love the light in the second pic!