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Saturday, May 11, 2013

basket basket ...

who's got the basket?

who are we kidding?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Allyson was around 5 years old we decided to paint baskets.
I'm guessing this moment in craft history came about in the following manner:

"I'm bored!"
"want to paint?"
 "do I have to use my fingers?"
'na, here is some fabric paint and brushes."

 Allyson keeps hands clean.
 Mom does majority of work.
Child is entertained
and all is good with the world.

In this case Allyson did paint basket #1 and a good portion of #2.

Fabric paint and dollar store fruit baskets.
15 years later and they're still rock'n!

Ike endorses and approves this type of crafting.
[he also likes those that include thread, yarn, balloons, balls, ribbon ....]


  1. A dual-purpose basket created by mom and daughter. Love!

  2. Sweet memories of Mom and daughter....Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. I love your colorful baskets and the sweet memories. Thank you for sharing them and visiting us at
    Our weekly linky party is on at:

    Won't you come and join us? :)

  4. Your painted baskets are beautiful.

  5. Keepsakes - precious reminders of her childhood. Ike looks very proprietary!

  6. I suppose Ike thinks he is the "basket king". :)

  7. How cool that you still have those baskets. They look great.. I had to smile when I saw your kitty in the basket. Too cute.


  8. Awesome! I have never actually painted baskets but maybe someday when I'm bored I will. Definitely with my hands.

  9. OH - what a sweet story - and glad Ike likes it.

  10. That is one lucky cat to get to lounge in those beautiful baskets! Of course, he knows he deserves it.