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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

priceless . . .


* * *

This flower pot is as old as I am, perhaps even older.
It is a simple piece of pottery, "made in Japan", with a crack down the side.
It is something I have preciously packed and hauled from town to city,
from apartment to house.

 It was originally a gift to my mom by a very special lady, Dee.
A lady of limited means who was at the same time more generous than the wealthiest person in town.
A lady who had a big heart and always an open door.
Someone who had part in shaping who I am today; unintentionally - intentionally.
You see, Dee and her husband were what was {properly} referred to as "Colored" back then.
They were African American.
My family, Caucasian.
And during a period of social turmoil in our country, this wonderful couple shaped how we kids viewed and interacted with others different than ourselves.
We were taught to use manners, be respectful,
and enjoy the company of a person based on who they are and not what they are.
When mom and dad would travel out of town it was like winning the lottery if  you were chosen to stay with Jim and Dee.
The thrill of going to town,  clinging tightly to Dee's hand as she took me to the 5&Dime.
I'm sure it caused stares, but I never noticed
- all I knew was that I was with one of the most special people around.

This pot was a gift from one of the most special people in my life.
It is a pot that says
you are only as good as how you treat others.
It does not matter that it was 'made in Japan'
- it is priceless!


  1. What a wonderful gift from a wonderful woman. I love your story and memories around this beautiful flower pot.

  2. Lovely! It's a sweet pot and a wonderful story!

  3. You are right -- this is a priceless object. But more priceless is the gift that Dee gave you. xo

  4. Great blog - good thinking material - and wonderful memories of a fabulous lady.

  5. A beautiful story behind this beautiful pot!
    Your parents set a lovely example. :)

  6. A lovely story about how something doesn't need to be expensive to be valuable.
    Visiting from Tuesday Muse.