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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

birdbrain ...

* * *

and its better half

The feeder sat empty for a little over a week, maybe two, and things got pretty quiet around here.  Talk about fair weather friends.  But as soon as the block of food and feed was refilled we were a happening place again and while it consisted of the usual suspects I noticed something a little different - the woodpeckers came in pairs and quite a bit redder than earlier in the Spring.  At one point I thought Mr. Woodpecker was two-timing the Mrs. when he would nibble a bite and then fly up and give it to another bird - then I realized that it wasn't Mr. Woodpecker but the Mrs. and she was attending to one of her kids.   A kid that was fully capable of flying to the fence post above the feeder but heaven forbid it get its own food.  Reminded me of how many times my son gets his dirty clothes to the counter in the bathroom above the hamper but runs out of fuel to complete the task.  As much as I grumble about it I know that there will be a day when I miss it, right along with the hugs and "I love you mom!" in response to those rare occasions when I tell a lame joke.  (I am starting to question my family's sense of humor.)   

Something else I've noticed with the birds in Spring is despite the fact that they are capable of flying above street level they instead dart around the road at wheel / grill level.  My husband reminded me this is likely how the term "birdbrained" came about.

not getting your own food when its right there, 
or failing to get your clothes in the hamper 
- kinda birdbrained too.  



  1. Ha! What beautiful birds, whether they are birdbrained or not!

  2. Nice shots, and I guess kids of all kinds are just about the same!

  3. How beautiful! Love the red head and almost blushy cheeks!

  4. LOL! Beautiful pictures you captured.

  5. What a great capture, STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHY!

  6. Wow ... lucky you to have these birds around. Great shots!
    I put up a hummingbird feeder ... haven't seen one! :-/

    Happy snapping!

  7. Lovely captures!

  8. These are stellar shots! I love them. :)

  9. The little one is so cute -- what great captures Nicki. :)