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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday .. .. ..

After a little down time from the Scavenger Hunt to find my mojo or catch my breath, 
I could hardly skip this week especially when you consider that the prompts were: 

1. Photographer’s Choice 
 2. Photographer’s Choice 
3. Photographer’s Choice 
4. Photographer’s Choice 
5. Photographer’s Choice 

I'm not so sure that I've recovered my mojo or found new inspiration, but with those prompts I figured
"Yea, I think I can handle that. "


Of all the floral pictures I took during the last week, this is probably my favorite. 
(definitely in the top 2 or 3)


I put out a new hummingbird feeder this year and was so excited when I had a bird by the end of the first day. Getting a good picture hasn't come as quickly. 


Last weekend we traveled to MA to collect our daughter's dorm room contents and out of the few pictures taken, this was one of my favorites. It made me think: 1) it must be reassuring to the farmer to have a couple of pretty full silos. 2) maybe we should get a couple to store food for that teenage boy who shows up long enough to inquire "what is there to eat around here?" or announce "I'm starved!".


I rarely get fresh cherries arguing that they are too expensive 
or "they've got pits - yuck!";
but boy you let that price go down and all I can think is "great photo material". 


Ike has finally forgiven me for leaving him for 3 days. Actually, if I'm being honest, I haven't been able to shake him since returning from our trip.  Going to the bathroom alone has become a challenge and just like when the kids were tiny, he barges in and leaves the door wide open.
dang, whats a girl gotta do for a little privacy?!?!

[which reminds me - given a door you want to keep closed, cats will get that sucker open whether by body slam or jimmying the handle like a skilled locksmith.  But when it is the accordion door to the mud room, they sit there helplessly and whine and cry until you get up and let them in/or out/or in. ]

so there you have it - my choicest pictures from last week.


  1. I totally get you with those cherries... We just got some yesterday for the first time in like...a really long time. But unlike you I didn't have any time to take pictures of them because my little sister eats them all way too fast.

  2. Wonderful choices. Great cat story!!

  3. magnificent shots this week! Oh my you knocked it outa the park!

  4. Nice set for the hunt. I hear you about bathroom privacy with a cat. Mine sits and whines until I come out, but if I leave that door open just a bit, she body slams it to get in.

  5. The hummingbird - wowza!! Gorgeous shots!

  6. the first shot = GORGEOUS!! I just purchased a hummingbird feeder to see if I can "spot" one!

  7. Wow! The first photo is perfection! And I always love a good hummingbird photo. We have 2 feeders at our house and constantly have hummingbirds stopping by . I have yet to capture a visitor with my camera.

  8. The flower shot is stunning, Nicki! I haven't had any new crop cherries, but did get a watermelon. Both favorite signs of summer.


  9. Beautiful, Nicki - love that hummer shot - haven't seen mine yet!

  10. Your thoughts on Ike....and cats, I can totally relate. Ike looks so much like my Princess P who is also famous for climbing in cupboards or getting shut into closets when I don't hear or see her pass by.
    Cherries-great image, but that first shot, that's a wowza.

  11. Very enjoyable set. Had to laugh about the "boy" and his eating compulsion.
    Loved your Tulip shot and of course Ike is just the sweetest looking kitty. Cats are such fun creatures.

  12. Yay! I'm glad that Ike made the list. He's so handsome. Love that first picture so much. That's just plain gorgeous!

  13. I like your photos very much and the last photo is most beautiful !!!! I love cats.

  14. Beautiful!! I love your first picture and your kitty is precious!

  15. Oh I like your group....especially those cherries. Not only are the good to eat, but they make such a photo op. Yippee for the hummingbird....hopefully they will keep coming so you get more great shots!!

  16. Wonderful photos, I really like a lot, excellent!!

  17. Great collection of photos, Nicki - I do like that first one, too.
    Yeah, I hear you on the cats and bathroom privacy.

  18. A nice set!
    Your flower shot is gorgeous!
    I've seen hummers in my yard but none so far at the feeder. You got a sweet little shot there!

  19. Great Pictures. Love the hummingbird and the thoughts of each. Thanks

  20. Nice set! I love that first one - such a beautiful macro!

  21. Ike has the best eyes! I see he has you well-trained. I've been eating cherries non-stop since they hit our market. Your photo of them is fabulous.

  22. These are great shots. I love the cat.