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Monday, September 14, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | working it ...

the GOOD ...

I am trying to push myself to take more pictures. 
(cue the collective eye-roll by my family) 
Taking senior portraits recently it struck me what had been lacking in my photography:  the need to not just 'take pictures' but to 'create pictures'.   Less snapping pictures of 'whatever', more about shooting with a purpose. Along those lines I am working on food photography and hope to push myself with street photography when I go to Japan.  Neither require coordinating schedules - just me. 
 To be any good at anything, you need to practice it regularly. 
 Practice, practice, practice. 

the RANDOM ...

A random picture from my DC pictures that has sit on my desktop waiting to be called up to bat. The tree was silver, but inside some fenced area that involved going through security and time was ticking on getting to our destination to meet up with Allyson - so through the fencepost it was. 

the FUN ...

While my edit of this shot colorified the scene, the dude walking really did have blue and purple hair. Funny how the degree to which something (or someone) stands out is all on how you look at the entire picture. From an artsy perspective, he fits right in.
[which brings me to the question: at what point does coloring your hair fantastic colors go from "just wanting to draw attention" to "artistic expression"?] 


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  1. Hi,
    Great shots. The food picture looks yummy and love the tree, pretty.
    Have a great day!

  2. Your food photos are very tasty and I love your edits on the others.

  3. The muffins look delicious! What a lovely still life.
    And very very good question!

  4. I LOVE the lighting on your collage - what filter/edit did you use? Would love to learn it!

    1. Jeannette - No filter, just natural light from the window for the setting, and bounced off camera flash for the muffins and close-up on the knife. I used a free photoshop collage frame (thinking it was from CoffeeShop).


  5. I have loved exploring with and using my big camera this summer. I was saying to a friend just last week, I hardly use my phone right now for photos, I like the change of equipment.

  6. Love the place setting of your mosaic collection. I agree that shooting with a purpose will be so much more fulfilling. That's probably why I haven't been shooting as much.... And a trip to Japan (sorry if you mentioned this already and I missed it) - how super exciting!

  7. Nicki: When I saw the first picture I thought: "What??? Is Nicki now tablescaping???" I love that picture!

  8. Nicki: When I saw the first picture I thought: "What??? Is Nicki now tablescaping???" I love that picture!