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Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Daughter's Day in pink ...

I tell ya, that FaceBook has a "Day" for everything.   
Today, apparently, is "Daughter's Day".   
One of my friends, and a former teacher of said daughter (and son) pondered,
 "isn't every day daughter's day?"  

So what better way to celebrate than to celebrate in PINK.

Lots and lots of pink.

The very color that was for a period exiled from the premises by said daughter.

Happy Daughter's Day to my very special and beautiful daughter, Allyson.


  1. Happy daughters day to you and her!

  2. I agree, every day is daughters day. But to be fair, I think every day is Mother's Day too :)

  3. Lovely, but my daughters really aren't "pink" people. You are right about the Facebook "today is...." Then your news feed gets overloaded with all kinds of posts and "likes".

  4. Hi Nicki, I was wondering about "Daughter Day," too! Each and every day is a cause for some celebration, I guess. That little pink flower with the bright yellow center looks good enough to eat!

  5. hehehe, i agree....there have been several daughters day's in the last year but this one seems a bit more "serious"!!!! your images are so pretty, i am a lover of pink, flowers and girls but never had a daughter!!!!!

  6. I'm surprised Hallmark hasn't jumped on that bandwagon!! Pretty pics😊

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  10. Thank you for sharing this information . Can you please share about when isnational daughters week