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Friday, November 27, 2015

chow ...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with good food, friends and family. 

Between visiting a shrine and on route to the Tokyo Museum, Allyson and I came across what resembled a flea market with a variety of items being sold under tents by assorted vendors. I wanted to find something less commercial/touristy and transportable for my return trip and as soon as I spotted a wooden set of spoons and fork, I knew I had found it. Allyson thought I had lost my mind, but unlike the talisman from the shrines, the wooden utensil spoke to me.

Though I did spring for a "scholastic success" omamori for Ryan.  Hopefully he hangs on it and it brings him good fortune in his classes (and he doesn't lose it like the memory stones I got him earlier this year while visiting Salem).


  1. I love a good flea market, that's a beautiful bowl!!

  2. Love the spoon and the bowl....

  3. The wooden spoons were the perfect choice.

  4. Wonderful wabi-sabi photographs. I love the simplicity.

  5. Oh, a girl after my own heart. That bowl and spoon is exactly what I would hope to bring home. Love them Nicki.