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Friday, December 18, 2015

4 parks 1 day ...

It all started out innocent enough. 
 While at my favorite ride, Starbucks, a staple of our Disney day agendas, I stood in line patiently waiting to order my Skinny Vanilla Latte Grande when I noticed a very catchy holiday ornament. A Starbuck mug with a Disney design, Magic Kingdom's Cinderella's Castle to be exact. As I scurried with latte and diet coke in hand to meet up with my husband who had avoided the line to secure a table, I had already decided that Starbucks would warrant a 2nd visit from me that day, a brief stop on our exit so I could procure said holiday ornament. 
Done and done.

 Fast forward to several days and a few parks later, while standing in line at Animal Kingdom, husband in attendance this time, we noticed the Starbucks holiday mug for Animal Kingdom. "Why don't you get it?" was the response to my longing face as I examined its unique design. "Because then I would have two of a set of four" was my regretful response. I explained that a day or so earlier I had noticed the mug design while at Epcot and liked it as well. I would feel remiss to take home one from Animal Kingdom with its sufficient design, while failing to capitalize on the more colorful one from Hollywood Studios or the delightful one from Epcot.

Before I could reach the counter to place my order, he reminded me of my desire to return to Hollywood Studios to redo a picture of the lights, adding that we had neglected to take in the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. It was our last day before returning home, so a plan was concocted and it was concocted fast. We would time our return to the remaining parks to get the remaining mugs for my set so it would be dark enough to get that forsaken picture, and still see the fireworks.
They make a t-shirt for that - this I know because we observed some women on the bus our first morning at Disney wearing them proclaiming it their challenge for that day. 
 We didn't set out to achieve this accomplishment, 
but now we can say we did.


  1. oh man, would have been the perfect "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" :). Totally worth it for those mugs tho...cute!

  2. They are so cute! Glad you got the set!

  3. great set of mugs...perfect plan....expertly executed!

  4. Awwwww, you had to have the set...right??!! They are great mugs!!

    Now....four parks, one day, that's insane and you should get more than a tee shirt!!

  5. A lovely set of mugs, Nicki! I'm happy you got the whole collection!

  6. I don't think we have ever done four in a day, but we have definitely done three. Those cups are so worth it.