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Monday, December 28, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | farewell 2015 ...

the GOOD ...

A very good Christmas made all the better with Allyson being able to join us Christmas morning by Facetime. 

 the RANDOM ...

They originated from the Manager's Special cart at Kroger with a couple of blooms still intact. Once they were gone, it was basically a stem on a stick with some lovely large green leaves for 2015. I was doubtful there would be any future blooms when upon my return from Japan I noticed a few buds. Hope. Then more buds. Miraculous. And bam - 8 orchid blooms. At Christmas. 

 the FUN ...

We had a lot of fun seeing family Christmas Eve - especially this little stinker (if you look closely you'll notice some spikes on her freshly washed hair.) Such a cutie. 


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  1. Isn't FaceTime the best? The orchid is gorgeous-it always is amazing when they come back-cutie pooch too

  2. Great set of images! The orchids are beautiful. Glad you had lots of family for the holidays.

  3. Good job with the Good, Random Fun post today. Your dog looks a lot like my Polly...Yorkie/Maltese mix. Have a special week!

  4. How great you could FaceTime!! I can keep plants alive. Orchids nope! It's so pretty!!