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Friday, February 19, 2016

hope(lessly) romantic ...

either you are or you aren't

He is.

I'm not.

 I am a practicalist.  
I am an advocate of tangible items when commemorating an occasion 
as opposed to something that will be thrown in the trash in a week (or less). 
Don't get me wrong, I love getting some flowers at the grocery story for a nominal sum, taking them home and photographing the daylights out of them.  
Why, I will be first to admit that flowers add character and charm to a room and dare you walk past a bouquet of sunflowers and not feel a sense of cheer.  
Clearly I am NOT the anti-florist, 
I just have a more utilitarian approach to them.

But my other half is a romantic. 
No matter how many times I have been (shamefully) less than appreciative of flowers delivered on special occasions, he continues to send me flowers.
Eternal hope that one day it might spark even an ember of romantic in me.
Bless his heart.
His hopelessly romantic heart. 


  1. You have a great guy! These are pretty!

  2. Funny, convention normally paints it the other way. I get what you are saying - I once had a BF who bought be a hydrangea plant (in full bloom) for Valentine's day because I could then plant it. It was a very thoughtful gift. That was when I was in HS, and my mother did plant it outside and it flourished, even if the relationship did not!
    Love your photos as always, and bless your husband!

  3. Give him my address - I think I could be a romantic!

  4. I love your flowers, Nicki!!! The form of the tulip & the textures, fine lines ... lovely!
    And yes ... I might be a romantic - partly at least :)

  5. What gorgeous shots Nicki. How perfectly sweet your DH is a romantic.

  6. gorgeous....we both have the same level of romanticism, somewhere in the middle of practical and romantic. i think we are both very thoughtful. that's a good word!!!

  7. I have one of those too, and I am the same as you.