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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

where I'm at lately ...

[landscape portrait passing us by]

It seems like I am constantly going going going and as a result more and more of my photography has been with my cell phone. And from the car. Frankly I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it is what it is.  What I have discovered in the process is that while I am not ready to hang up the Nikon, I can still accomplish what I always wanted to do with my photography and that was to memorialize the moment.  Blogging, however, has turned into a powerpoint presentation of the where and when and less about verbalizing the stories behind the images.

[when weather meets travel meets smartphone]

What will that mean for the foreseeable future?
The 2016 family photo album may be "2016 iPhone memories".
More travel photography, less still-life.
Fewer posts about photographic technique, more about what you can do with a smartphone.
Hopefully some story cameos.

Clearly, all First World problems.

[morning commute art]

To me, pictures are eye candy to words. 
I love a good story. 
 I like it even better with pictures.


  1. That's quite a sunrise on your morning commute...looks like you will have the sun directly in your eyes momentarily. I'm very grateful for my cell phone camera.

  2. i do believe a story can be told with an image. sometimes less (words) is more. i try to share my story with pictures because i seem to enjoy it more that way. i was never a "fancy pants" photographer....just a girl who likes to take pictures with a fancy pants camera.

    it's so funny because i always take the nikon with me. one day i grabbed the camera bag for a trip to the beach and i didn't realize the camera wasn't in it. i wasn't going to bother using my phone, i barely thought about it. but i decided to take some pics with it for my sister and when they loaded on the mac, they were gorgeous and i used them for the blog. go figure.....i never really think about the phone as a camera but my iPhone 6 takes pretty good pictures.

    these images are really pretty, i'm loving' the rain!!!!!

  3. Lovely captures! Sometimes it is exciting to let everyone compose their own story for the photo ... Find meaning through the visual input alone. I am nodding here as I read ~ My last year was 80 % iPhone and 20 % Nikon ... Let's see how 2016 will be ... It worked just fine , yet I stayed to miss the big camera and am having it with me a bit more often now.., Yet sometimes I take the photo with Nikkn and end up doing some editing in iPhone anyway :)

  4. I totally know where you are - many of us feel the same way. There is something so simple about that camera phone, a couple clicks in an app and a quick upload to the social media account of choice. But if I want DOF, I always go with the big camera. I love your last photo - cool art rendering of a lovely scene.