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Monday, March 7, 2016

this and that ...

We had another, (and hopefully last) snow. 
 The forecast said some flurries in the morning turning into rain. 
 Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


Last. Final. Episode. 
I have LOVED this show. 
The music.  The location.  The time period, characters and drama. 
I savored every last bit  and smiled throughout the entire final episode.  Despite not being ready to say farewell to Crawley family, 
I will admit that Julian Fellowes wrapped it up all nice and neat.  
Bonus for me is a day visit to Highclere Castle and Downton Abbey Village on our 25th Anniversary trip to Europe in the coming month.


Yea, this happened. 
Remember the aforementioned failed weather forecast, well it firmly established that while we were faced with a fish or cut bait decision with my vehicle, 
there was no denying the requirement of 4-wheel drive. 
And yes, it came in black/white.


Wanna talk little things 
- they sure are recruiting young these days. 

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  1. more snow? hope it melts fast! I actually watched the last episode of DA. I like the way it ended. To see that beautiful castle would be a dream

  2. We loved Downton Abby too. Will miss it terribly!

  3. My mom was annoyed, she thought it wrapped up too neatly. I sobbed. Clearly I am the sap in the family.

    1. It was a bit fairytale in how everything came together, but isn't it nice to have a little fairytale to adult drama.

  4. I was glad that everyone had a happy ending! Love Downton. Sad it is over! Have a great week. Love the first photo!

  5. Oh my goodness -- you are going to Highclere! What a dream. I loved the finale -- it was a good time for happy, fairy tale endings all 'round.

  6. I got off track sometime in season 3 of DA. I need to go back and get on track! I adore Julian Fellows. Love him as Killwillie in Monarch of the Glen.