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Sunday, September 25, 2016

and there it was ...

no hype, no alerts just one big ole moon in all its glory 

The ever elusive 'blood moon' 'supermoon' 'harvest moon' - whatever, 
I just wished I had a camera other than my phone on me when we made that first turn 
where it literally was HUGE and RED, beautifully accented by houses and trees.
  Unfortunately in the short amount of time it took to get to the house, 
skirt around several "OMG you're finally home" cats, 
change out of my work clothes 
and commandeer a partner to ride shotgun to hunt it down, 

in the time it took to do that 
the moon resituated itself in the sky 
and would for the most part only appear as a white dot. 

one of these days
it will happen
I will be in the right place AND have a (better capability) camera on me.


  1. I like that you went on that moon mission even after returning from your work day. Good for you!

  2. It is so gorgeous! I love that we all see the same moon!

  3. And have the right lens and the battery will be charged!! I always say, "when all the stars aline"!!!! It's a good picture and a great story!!

  4. I remember driving north for our daughter's birthday while she was at college and seeing the harvest moon as we drove. I never got a picture of it, and now those college trips are over.

  5. I've chased the moon too, but every photo is beautiful. Like this one.