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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

tbt- so what it's Tuesday (still counts) ...

At some point after mom's passing I was digging through old pictures and came across this shot of her with my younger brother. They always had a special rapport, but his expression here is priceless. 
Her - deep in thought, 
him - so over it!

I have no recollection of this occasion.  I have no clue who took the picture or why.
But when I am feeling a little need for nostalgia and a chuckle, 
this photo fills the bill.


**eta - dated for Tuesday but just released Saturday - apparently the schedule setting on Blogger doesn't work.  Oy! 


  1. What a great shot!!
    Every now and then I have issue with the scheduler - but it's pretty good for me!

  2. Fantastic photo. I use the schedule setting all the time, occasionally I will have an error but that is usually my own fault.

  3. I'm curious if your mom had said something right before the snap...or was he told to smile and couldn't find one to put on? cute shot tho.