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Monday, December 5, 2016

in our house we take the holidays serious ...

all boxes are thoroughly inspected

sized up

and wrapping details a must 
(stripes are a bit off with this one)

Of all the memes currently on Facebook with a picture of life without a cat versus life with a cat, there should be one that includes wrapping packages. 

 Ike has this thing for tape ... and paper ... and boxes. 

Oh yea, he is all about Christmas.

PS - Bows go on the package on its way out the house. 
(you cat owners know what I'm talking about)


  1. Very cute! - I love the way cats always need to be in on the action - and yes, I know all about bows. :-)

  2. Ike rules.

    I know. Sissy, Molly, and Teddy rule this house.

  3. Oh you and your sweet kitty posts. My (granddaughter's) cat is not with me anymore, she moved along with grand, and I must say I miss him. Merry, merry!!

  4. Does Ike rent out his services? I could use some help!

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