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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 adventures and traditions ...

Several years back I decided I wanted to make 'going to the Rose Parade' a reality so I conspired with my sister and coordinated with my husband and made it happen. The parade was on the bucket list; the time I spend with my sister finally seeing her world in California long overdue. The trip has become a bit of a tradition now and a new adventure every time.

Just as with everything when you get older, this year's parade seemed to go by faster. At one point I half expected the bands to break into a sprint in order to keep up with the floats and I'm fairly sure one of the rides nearly did a wheelie when the driver hit the gas. Of course there is the other side to this, as you get older you appreciate the quickness of the event if for no other reason than the sake of your bladder.

While I fully enjoyed the surfing dogs on the longest float in Rose Parade 
history, I would have to say that the giraffe was probably my favorite.

And the float that moved me the most was the one honoring the lost lives in the Orlando massacre. My heart ached for both the lost souls and their families at the same time beamed with pride at the survivors who stand proud and remind us that even after the darkest moment you must hold your head up and move forward. Also a reminder that senseless tragedy as this must be conquered with love and compassion.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2017. 

 Let the new adventures begin 
and the memories saved for prosperity 
with wonderful and creative photographs.


  1. Love your tradition of seeing the parade with your sister...sweet memories of time spent together.....I didn't get to the see the parade this year, but the floats look magically as always...Happy New Year...

  2. It was not your imagination. I was in the kitchen baking and had the parade on in the background before I knew it...the replay came on. I was like "huh" that seemed way short. Seriously Nicki....I'm 20 minutes from Pasadena....We should really hook up for coffee! Happy New Year.

    1. I thought about coordinating a meet up but our schedule is fluid and we were only in Pasadena for the parade. Next time I will give you a heads-up and will definitely figure a time.

  3. Such a fun tradition and way to welcome in a new year!

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