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Monday, January 9, 2017

what you don't see on TV ...

The night before the Rose Parade we made our way to my husband's beloved Cheesecake Factory (still disappointed Penny left waitressing at CF to be a pharmaceutical sales rep --- for all you Big Bang Theory fans). We came across every variety of parade viewer. Folks with their benches, stack of chairs, inflatable couch/bed/floats.  Sectioned off squares of the sidewalk that would for the next 18 hours become their domain.  Some prepared to make it through the night in a sleeping bag, others with high tech propane heaters. 

 What amazed me were the number with young (we're talking itty bitty) babies and dogs (of all sizes). 
 I love a parade as much as the next guy, but common sense people.

FYI - no one brought their cat. Perhaps that says something about the sensibility of cat people. (tongue in cheek because while I am officially the neighborhood crazy cat lady --- qualified early for the crazy portion of that --- I love dogs every bit as much, they just haven't been in the cards as house pets goes). 

 and then there are the cars. 
People in California are over the moon about cars and boy do they love to show it off.

Lowriders - not something you will see cruising down the local streets.

And security - from bike patrol, foot patrol, to whatever these guys were. 

As with just about anything, there is so much to the story than the main event 
and a parade (especially the 'granddaddy of em all') is no exception.


  1. So cool to see "behind" the scenes! That old car is amazing!!

  2. I particularly wouldn't want to be the guy with the shovel following the elephants.

    just saying

  3. Moved away from California a long time ago, but my mom once took me to the parade. It was amazing! Have a great week!

  4. I don't think there is anything that I would camp out overnight for. I love a bed way too much. Interesting sights for sure though.

  5. I love a parade too but I'm not crazy enough to sit outside and lose a nights sleep over it! I hope some day when you come out to CA you'll give me a jingle.