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Friday, May 19, 2017

acts of kindness ...

no acts of kindness, 
however small, 
is ever wasted. 


 Champs-Élysées, Paris, France

I have been torn about posting this image, 
hesitant to take it in the first place, 
agreeing with my husband's disfavor of putting the down trodden on display.
In the end I decided to share it only because of its anonymity but even more because of the volumes it speaks to the universal hardship of mankind and the never ending need for acts of kindness.
Hardship knows no boundaries and to look the other way (including with a camera) is to pretend it doesn't exist.  
That helps noone.


  1. This is really touching. The world around us can be cruel and heartbreaking.

  2. i always have mixed emotions about scenes like these and recording them. it is an emotional image, that tells a tragic story, i'm glad you shared it!!!