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Thursday, June 8, 2017 ...

Sometimes you just gotta be you.  
With photography this is especially true because while you can replicate images from others, 
you get more satisfaction when you do what is genuinely you.

As for me, there are some consistencies:


Hotel rooms; when I travel I find I must snap a pic. 
 I can't help myself...


And the halls ... 


There must be something with our last name because inevitably we end up with the room at the end of the hall - 
- yea, the one wayyyy...downnnn...there.
(and it is a good way to entertain yourself on the hike) 

Out last trip to Disney broke the distance record leaving us to wonder if by the time we reached our room whether or not we were still in the same resort. We started out in the direction of Epcot and ended up at Hollywood Studios 
- so to speak.


I also have moments of being a food photographer - but not full on foodie  level.

like my Mickey ice creams
- it's tradition.
[Aulani and Magic Kingdom respectively]

Plus who doesn't like a good coffee selfie


or a Coke when it spells it out.

[Cinderella's Castle]


  1. The important had a camera handy :)

  2. I love the memories you always capture!

  3. Love these shots!!!!
    I bet they bring back awesome memories for you.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  4. I always think about taking a photo of our rooms after we have made a mess of it.

  5. i love the hotel shots!! we always request a room near the elevator because of our "disney" experiences. both in the hotel and in the parks!!!

    i always photograph the rooms, never the hall but i really liked those!! these are great travel reminders!!

  6. There are a few things that just makes you...uniquely YOU!!!! LOVE that long hallway shot.