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Sunday, September 25, 2016

and there it was ...

no hype, no alerts just one big ole moon in all its glory 

The ever elusive 'blood moon' 'supermoon' 'harvest moon' - whatever, 
I just wished I had a camera other than my phone on me when we made that first turn 
where it literally was HUGE and RED, beautifully accented by houses and trees.
  Unfortunately in the short amount of time it took to get to the house, 
skirt around several "OMG you're finally home" cats, 
change out of my work clothes 
and commandeer a partner to ride shotgun to hunt it down, 

in the time it took to do that 
the moon resituated itself in the sky 
and would for the most part only appear as a white dot. 

one of these days
it will happen
I will be in the right place AND have a (better capability) camera on me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

its okay, really it is ...

Sometimes you just have to accept that photography comes with random heads
- it's okay, for they too tells the story along with the dude on the horse.  
(and yes, other than a well placed cape, statue man is riding commando - apparently his mother never lectured him about the importance of having on clean underwear in case he was in an accident ...)

{on day 2 of our anniversary trip we made our way to the British Museum ...}

The reality is that travel pictures are going to have clutter, people and fragments of other landmarks.  

{second stop: Buckingham Palace - modest fixer-upper located in a nice quiet neighborhood  ...}

And people give it interest.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

{Exit London, stage left --- taken out taxi window as we were whisked away to the train station} 

Where even flawed shots can be salvaged with a little architecture and a hint of sunflare.

{but wait, there's more -  a quick stop St. Paul's Cathedral 
... doesn't allow indoor pictures but more than makes up for it outside ...}

- - -

I could really get behind this thing called #travelphotography -
new places and rules more flexible than a contortionist 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

take hold of the good that comes your way ...

With the passing of the 15th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, my husband and I watched several specials, documentaries, and commentaries of the events of that horrific day. With every watching I realized there was still a part of me hoping and praying it would somehow end differently. Regrettably that is not possible. The only thing that can change from that day's events is our awareness of the world beyond our borders, appreciate the reality that we must never become complacent of our vulnerability to the evil that exists in this world, and to keep in check our arrogance and ignorance because combined they are a lethal combination,
one that can bring even the great and powerful to their knees.

 Over the years I repeatedly watch the re-broadcast of events of that morning,  searching for some sense of healing, some degree of resolution. I'm not sure that will ever happen, but one of the quotes from a show did give me some direction: 

"take hold of the good that comes your way" 

 If ever there was a moment in time that should make us realize that in an instant our world can be taken away or forever changed, 9/11 is it. Time to quit focusing on whether the glass is half empty or half full and instead appreciate the glass, appreciate it has content. Look around and you will certainly find something or someone that is good in your life and that, THAT is where you will find peace, and that peace is where you heal from life's ups and downs, its cruelty and injustice. 
 Peace is not in the level of the content for that will always vary, 
and the degree of satisfaction associated with the content will always be relative.

#neverforget #foreverhonor

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

something wicked this way comes ...

Frick and Frack 
Fluffy and Floofy 
Beauty and Hermione 
Prissy Wick and Stinker Butt 
Sissy and Little Girl 
Maggie Mae 

 Somewhere in there are the given names of these stinkers. Twin kittens abandoned in the grocery parking lot in the city. Starving. Lost. Ultimately blessed. They have made their way to our home for the time being until their guardian angel can eventually find residential accommodations that allow for critters. Meanwhile, back at the farm the little cuties are getting plumper. They are terrorizing their elders, and getting plenty of ear scratches and belly rubs. 

 I can no longer throw shade on the neighbors and pretend. 
It's me. 
I have been marked as an easy target by strays and domesticated alike 
and there is no escape.

 PS - Ike is NOT amused.

Friday, September 2, 2016

survival techniques ...

How do you handle it? A question that has become as much a reflex as an inquiry in response to learning I have a child (young adult) living in Japan. Truthfully, it is a matter of 'which child' and experience. If it were kiddo #2, this would be a whole different post. And not because #2 is the 'baby' (even at about 6'3"), but mishap seems to have a way of finding him - its how he rolls. Admittedly he has shown improvement in how he handles it and for that I am both proud and grateful. Kiddo #1 on the other hand has a strong lineage of female stubbornness, independence, and just plain 'don't mess with me' attitude. (sound familiar?) This is not to say she doesn't demonstrate a lot of her father's attributes, she is after all his mini-me. They think alike. They react alike. It is TEAM DAD all the way with those two and I would have it any other way. But back to "how do you do it?" A matter my brother and his wife will be addressing in the next month when their son moves from New York City to Tokyo. Something they will figure out in their own fashion because I suspect the 'how do' is defined on a case-by-case basis.

One thing for sure, I highly recommend Facetime. It is a lifesaver. Several times a week we fill our morning commute with a video conference with our daughter.  So much better than the 70s channel on satellite radio.  We talk about anything and everything, from the mundane "you need a haircut", to politics, to the latest Disney adventures. (yea, she is a Life-Disney-Mouseketeer). The subject of the conversation is relevant, but not as important as getting to see her, to witness that she is doing okay.  That's the biggie. 

How did our parents do it without cell phones, video chat, or the many 'immediate' connection techniques we have today to stay in touch with each other?  Mom got by on the adage 'no news is good news' when she didn't hear from my sister for a month or two.  Dear Lord, if that were my child I would be pulling up at their apartment door within a week or two of not hearing from them.  I guess different generations.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

seashells by the seashore ...

Every now and again there is a post on Pinterest that catches my eye. More correctly, every now and again, there is an email from Pinterest titled "some pins we think might interest you" and they are correct. Full disclosure, I can't remember the last time I meandered through Pinterest without a specific purpose. 
 Headshots ... check. 
Senior pictures .... check. 
Seashells .... uh, nope.

Usually one of my swipe and delete emails, but this time something caught my eye 
---- seashells.
I've got a collection of those just sitting around the house; hummm!

Painted seashells. 
There was an image with ornate paintings 
- paisley-isk and circular dot designs and the what-not 
- all quite stunning, 
but unquestionably more time consuming than the meager minutes I have to allocate to dilly dalling.
 But the metallic silver shells - yea, I can do that.  
 I figured in between all the spray paint do-overs on furniture going into our son's first apartment I could manage a quick shell do-over.

Fun, quick, easy. 
Next on the list- time to actually do one of those Tasty video recipes that make everything look so darn easy and quick, and damn near effortless. Terms that describe just about anything I do anymore beyond the essentials.

Friday, August 26, 2016

good times ...

Getting to see Adele at the O2 was the cherry on top of a wonderful trip to London. We enjoyed the show so much that my husband has been stalking her concert tour, looking, pricing, and hoping I will give in and concede to fork up money that should otherwise be allocated to work around the house, things that have patiently bid their time on the back burner, but their day has come.

To be honest, we seldom go to a concert, only recently going to scheduled performances during the Greenbrier Classic golf tournaments.  Before that, aside from a few token shows that included the Eagles, Elton John and some Irish dancers, it was mostly the likes of Barney, (yea, the purple one)
Adele was amazing, engaging and genuinely talented.  
Mind you, Barney was a huge favorite back in the day, but no comparison. 

PS - my pictures from this event were cellphone because we were confident they would not allow DSLR cameras, even with a prime lens and we forgot to double check before leaving the hotel. We were wrong. There weren't many with non-cellphone cameras, but a few. But I have discovered over this last year how liberating it can be to give yourself permission to leave the 'big' camera at home and be content with what you get with your cellphone.