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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friends in low places.... Louisiana that is. Wow - I was selected by Forever and a Year blogger, Frances, as one of her 'fabulous blogger' friends. Really! As I mentioned to her - I feel like one of the original three-blind-mice, just scurrying around trying to figure this whole BLOG world out ... and not totally embarrass my kids and family in the process.

Hummmm.. 5 addictions:

1. CHOCOLATE (so much that when my son misspelled chocolate in grade school because he capitalized the C, he informed the teacher "its THAT important at my house." indeed...)

2. French Vanilla Coffee...yummmmm

3. Ice cream (its another family

4. NCIS (probably got the acronyms mixed up - I always do...)

5. reading, reading, reading....oh, and did I mention Chocolate?

I'll have to think a bit on who I pass this honorable award onto....[to be continued]

1 comment:

  1. Nicki I love your blog and your photography is wonderful and inspiring.