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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My original 3 Amigos...

Many moons ago, I was young and single and decided I wanted a cat. First there was Ebenezer (Ben), a flame-tip Himalayan (white) cat. He was awesome and special beyond words - it was love at first sight. He was the cat that understood when I didn't feel good or was upset and would lay down beside me to give me comfort. He was the cat who patiently let my son learn to walk holding his tail like Mowgli in Jungle Book.
Then came Boz, a black Persian. Timid, knew his place behind Ben, and spoke only when spoken to. Third was Marley, another Himalayan. My brother and I arranged to get a kitten for our grandmother after her cat died, but when the breeder showed up with just two kittens left - well....I got Marley. Marley owned me and that was that.
When I met my husband, he understood right from the start - this was a package deal: Me and my 3 Amigos... [Ben lived 16 years, Boz 15 and Marley - just a couple months short of 21.] I came across this photo and recalled how proud I was that I actually captured the three of them together.


  1. Your 3 amigos.....que bonita! Just wanted to say that the texture you used on the image in your blog header looks fabulous!