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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet 16 ♥*♥*♥

At 8:13 a.m., 16 short years ago, I gave birth to one of the most amazing people I will ever have the privilege to know and love. After years of longing, months of anticipation, and countless hours of labor - Allyson Nicole was born wide eyed, inquisitive, and simply stunning. I was enamored at first sight, with an infatuation I could have never imagined. Over the years she has grown into a fine young lady who is compassionate, loving, determined, VERY smart, loyal and loquacious. She is beautiful inside and out - but doesn't fully appreciate that yet. Hopefully one day she will. She is sometimes so much like me it stings, sometimes so much like her father its scary, and sometimes so much like my mother I can but only smile. While we both know the exact buttons to push on each other, I would never want to imagine a life without her. My love for this crazy, wide eyed, completely inquisitive, and growing up so fast it makes my head spin, child is huge. I L.O.V.E. you little Miss Allyson. HAPPY SWEET 16.

[eta: pictures #1&2: less than 1 week old; #3: 1st B'Day; #4: 7 yrs old; #5: 13 yrs; #6: 15 going on 16]


  1. How funny! My post today, well actually from yesterday, is about my son's 16th birthday. Happy birthday to Allyson, too!

  2. Happy Sweet 16 Miss Allyson =)

  3. wow a second post about a sweet 16. How fun for you.

  4. Happy birthday to Allyson! I love your series of photos!!!!