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Monday, March 2, 2009

THE party ...

Well, she's 16 - officially! I am probably more exhausted at this point than I was when I gave birth to her. Throwing a birthday party has become more challenging each year - with waaay more running involved. I kinda liked the '1. get a cake, 2. and some ice cream, 3. have the family over, 4. give a couple of gifts, 5. throw out package wrapping, 6. put konked out baby/child to bed, 7. done!' It did not turn out as I had visioned, but she was very happy with everything - and that is what it is all about. [we're just here to keep her happy lol!]

Ike got lots of loving from all the teenage girls - but his first love is 'the stick'. He is going to have to start the 12 step program to ween off those decoration sticks. (haha)

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