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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NYC Saga / World Trade Center . . .

I will never forget 9/11 - where I was, what I was doing, and how devastatingly helpless I felt during the attacks. I remember the numbing disbelief of the carnage playing out right in front of us on TV; followed by fear, then relief that our family was safe, anger at the attackers, and ultimately pride in being an American. All within less than 24 hours. Visiting the WTC, I expected a rush of at least some of those sentiments - but they just weren't there. I think this was in large part due to the barricades surrounding the construction that prevented any actual visualization of the site. One of the people there commented that it never occurred to them how many people would still be making the pilgrimage to see the location of the former WTCs; and in hind-sight, they should have used fencing that you could see through.

The visit to St. Paul's Chapel, on the other hand, was heavy with emotion. The scent of ash still lingers in this Chapel that withstood those horrible events of 9/11. Exhaustion, strife, and even persistent hope resonate in this once functioning church that now stands as a memorial to the lost souls as well as acknowledgment and appreciation for the countless rescue volunteers from around the world.


  1. Very moving post and photos!

  2. Your post brought back so many memories of that tragic day. I'd like to go see it myself sometime and hope I can actually "see" it when I do. Great captures and very moving post.

  3. Wow..your post brought back a flood of emotions that I too felt on that day. It really started a chain of events and change in my life...for the better.

    I am so moved by your is a helpful reminder of just how lucky we are.

  4. TFS - I visited last year and I felt the same way as you did. Great photos!

  5. Wow. Such emotional photos, especially that last one. I'll never forget 9/11 either. I remember that day after it happened looking out my kitchen into my peaceful backyard and finding it hard to fathom the violence that had happened that day.

  6. Your 4th photo, with the angel, is the one I find most moving! Very nice journaling to go with these photos.

  7. I have a friend who recently visited and expressed feelings exactly like yours about the actual WTC site. When I visit later this month I think I'll skip it and head to St. Paul's. Thanks for sharing!