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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

Thanksgiving break flew by - we're talking "swoosh!".

* Visited with family. Check!
* Ate too much food. Check!
* Started Christmas shopping. Check!
* Decorated. _________________! errr..... I'm working on it!

Normally I can't wait for everything that is Christmas: the music, trees, and Santas, but for what ever reason I seem to be moving in slow motion this year. Yesterday's efforts could best be described as bite-sized. I guess I still can't wait - in fact it should be here any moment now.


  1. I am so not ready for Christmas!! Almost no decorating done - and we won't mention shopping - great shot of Santa!

  2. Yikes! Christmas can be scary! I love your "checklist" and is your Santa one of your decorations? Nice shot with the lights in the background.

  3. Hey--you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, so small efforts count! I actually put out some decorations (some of my wooden Santas and a small tree) just to make me feel more in the holiday spirit. Shopping---not so much, but that's ok, too.

  4. That Santa is so cute! Good luck with all your decorating endeavors. I have the tree up and several of my nativities up, but I also still have lots of boxes in the living room waiting for my attention.

  5. I spent most of today decorating, it's hard work! Good luck with yours.

  6. Eh, I feel like a grinch this year so at least you're just moving slowly. ;)I guess as long as it gets done or that no one notices that it doesn't, you'll be juuuuust fine.

  7. Great shot and love your list! I did all those things to :)!