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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful on Thursday . . .

I decided to take my camera on my morning walk yesterday so that I could search for 'rust', this month's color challenge on 2Peas. Rather than going at my usual brisk pace (trust me, no speed records are ever in any jeopardy), I found myself venturing off the path and contemplated what I usually pass by with little or no consideration.

I am thankful that we still have warm, (well warm enough), mornings to take walks and enjoy the last vestiges of Autumn. This year the colors seemed to have come on quickly and exited with similar speed.

I also was so thankful that I had taken all the photos of 'the hill' that I use for my header before the new landscape crew came in. They opted for the 'no mow, pull down all fencing, take out random trees' style of landscaping - all for the sake of a few dollars. I spoke to one of the workers in charge and he confessed that ultimately they did not save any significant money, but did succeed in creating "boundaries" for the golf course. I can see where they created some boundaries, but in most instances I would argue that they achieved making it look trashy and only succeeded in alienating the residents. But that is post in and of itself, for another day. Today I am thankful that at least they didn't cut down the trees on 'my hill'.

as for the 'rust', here is one potential entry.


  1. You're right about the fall color--I think it was on Fast Forward out here, too. I really like that first shot, and the PP/border is very fun! Boo hiss on the landscape (Although it sounds like they are a land-rape) crew--and I am so glad that "your" trees are ok!

  2. I love your hill and I'm glad it remains the same. I agree the colors didn't stay long. Love the first shot.

  3. These are gorgeous, I love the fall colors! I'm glad they didn't cut down your trees too!

  4. I like your "rust" entry! And you caught some wonderful sunflares in these shots, although what they did to your header is a travesty!