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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


One way or the other - just do it!

My daughter is chomping at the bit to get the opportunity to vote. She has very strong opinions and they do not always fall on the same side of the divide. Of all the classes she could come home incensed about, it is her Civics course that gets under her skin more often than not. It isn't that she feels everyone has to agree with her view, just that she wants both sides presented fairly and without condescending remarks. (ie, one party referred to as 'SOBs' by the teacher). She was especially railed up yesterday because of a hand-out that attributes specific personal characteristics, ideologies, career choices, and attitudes to members of each party. While on whole she does lean in one direction more than the other, she does not feel people can be pigeon-holed to such extremes.
My thought is, if we've done our job at all as parents, we have taught her to use her brain, vote on the issue, and always exercise the right that so many men and women gave their lives for - VOTE!


  1. Good for her, no matter which side of the political gap she comes down on. At least she is motivated and interested!!

  2. I love these, and I'm so glad she's got an opinion and stands by it!

  3. YAY for her for having an opinion and wanting to have her voice heard! That is great. I think voting is an amazing opportunity that everyone should practice! I love that ballot in BW.

  4. I so agree with you! Voting is such a privilege! My youngest voted for the first time today, and I was very proud of the amount of time that he spent researching the candidates and discussing the options.

    BTW - I somehow didn't know that there was a change in the dates we post. Where the heck have I been? I'll know better after today/tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Love that first shot, and I love that your daughter is excited about the opportunity to vote. It is too bad, though, that so many people these days on both sides of the aisle are so negative and civility seems to have flown out the window. Maybe the next generation of voters can help put a stop to that.

  6. Good for your daughter at being motivated and exciting about voting! It's good to stand up for your opinions!

  7. Good for you for being someone who is actually teaching your daughter to respect others' opinions! We need everyone's points of views to come up with the best outcomes!