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Monday, December 6, 2010

Checks and balances . . .

This has been a doozie of a year with some very good things happening
and a few things that have stopped us in our tracks.
Along the way I have been like this Santa -
on one hand [fill in the blank],
but on the other hand [fill in the blank].

When the kids were in elementary school they had what was called "Santa's Workshop" where they could take a few dollars and shop for little trinkets/gifts for their loved ones. This Santa was a gift to me from my son. Each time I look at it I am reminded that on one hand our celebration of Christmas is steeped with memories and tradition; but on the other hand we should never forget to enjoy the good tidings of the present. Such a profound little trinket selected by an 8 year old little boy.


  1. What a wonderful ornament! I love a good non-traditionally colored Santa...I also love the story behind him. Nice crisp detail on his face, Nicki.

  2. This is Sir Santa! He looks like he's wearing a chain mail vest! And he does seem to be contemplating his options. What a wonderful present from your son!

  3. Fantastic photos! And I love the background story!

  4. Very sweet gift! I love his story and that your son gave him to you.