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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can explain . . .

We have one cat who thinks the tree equip with 'bling' is all about HIM. He is gray, long legs, longer tail and is known in some circles as IKEmed, the kitty terrorist. In a effort to accommodate his insistence to either be under, by, or up the center of the tree, I pulled out the kiddie rocker.
IKEmed did not find it amusing.

Mary Jo, on the other hand, thinks it is just peachy!
(that's as close to a smile as she comes)


  1. IKEmed! Too funny! And what a regal, disdainful, look about him! Best to stay in his good graces!

    Ha! I never heard of "Peggy" and had to google it! (He was actually more polite than the Delta customer reps I ran into yesterday. (But, oh! How I do whine!)

  2. That cat loks like he is perched on a throne! Place of honor :)

  3. Ha! IKEmed, now that is priceless. ;) He doesn't exactly look thrilled so I'd worry what state you were going to find that chair in the morning.

  4. Snort! I think she is practicing her sultry look!